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Real Men Wear Lapel Pins

Real men may not eat quiche, but they do wear lapel pins! Many thanks to Lizzie Garrett, blogger, for creating this wonderful photo collection of male celebrities sporting lapel pins.

If you’re a man who wears a lapel pin, you might be glad to know that you’re in the company of Jay Z, Will Smith, Prince Charles, Stephen Colbert (left), and Peter O’ Toole.¬† Even French President Nicolas Sarkozy wears a lapel pin that denotes his membership in France’s most prestigious society: the L√©gion d’Honneur. The French¬†government awards membership to ¬†those who have somehow contributed to the glory of France.

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High Fashion Lapel Pins


¬†Anyone who knows me knows that love two things-Louis Vuitton and lapel pins. My LV purse, my LV briefcase and my LV wallet are some of my most prized possessions. And, if you’re a reader of this blog, you know that I am also the Queen of Lapel Pins.

¬†Imagine my delight when I discovered lapel pins on the Louis Vuitton runway. To see more, check out this blog that featured the lapel-pin-look from the 2009 Louis Vuitton Men’s Spring/Summer collection. Now that’s what I call great fashion!

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