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Promotional Products & The Royal Wedding

On the eve of the royal wedding, I couldn’t help but share the role promotional products have played in the festivities.¬† From beer to pizzas to underwear to tea, the royal nuptials have shown us that there is no limit to the creativity of promotional products.¬† The Telegraph newspaper reports the sale of royal wedding merchandise could top $42.5 million.¬† Now, there’s something to celebrate!

The Advertising Specialty Institute (ASI)¬†said that¬†manufacturers are churning out mugs, plates, commemorative pens, compacts, ashtrays, shot glasses, book marks, reusable bags and car flags–all with a Will & Kate Royal Wedding theme.¬† Irreverent promotional products such as branded paper crowns and a commemorative plate reading “Thanks for the free day off” are also in high demand.¬†

Why are people buying promotional products?¬† Mostly to incorporate into personal and corporate events being hosted as a part of the celebration.¬† In fact, promotional products companies in the¬†United Kingdom¬†say that Will and Kate’s Royal Wedding has been¬†the biggest occasion for promotional product consumer sales since the New Year’s Eve¬†millennium in 2000.


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15 Reasons to Reward Employees and Customers

Happy business people laughing against white backgroundLapel pins are a great way to reward people.¬† They may be little, but receiving lapel pins feels like a lot of recognition.¬† When you¬†recognize and reward employees and customers, you promote a positive, productive, and¬†innovative business climate.¬† It’s a proven fact that motivated¬†employees and happy customers¬†are critical to a company’s bottom line. By recognizing their dedication, commitment and initiative, you boost their morale, increase productivity, build¬†enthusiasm and create powerful profits.¬† Here are¬†15 great¬†ways to use lapel pins and other promotional products to reward your employees and your best customers:

You can reward:

1.¬† Employees ‘caught’ giving outstanding customer service to your customers

2.  Employees who come up with the best cost-saving ideas

3.  Salespeople who meet or exceed their sales goals

4.  Employees (or even customers!) who come up with the best name for a new product or service

5.  Employees who achieve a year (or 5 or 10 or more) of service with your company

6.  Salespeople who make the most cold calls in a day

7.  Managers who inspire their teams to achieve new heights in their respective departments

8.  Customers who give the most or the best referrals

9.  Customers who give good suggestions

10. Employees who refer or recruit new employees to your company

11. Employees who contribute to workplace safety

12. Employees who complete additional training to enhance their knowledge of your industry or product line

13. Employee of the Month or Employee of the Year

14. Employees who receive praise from customers

15. Customers who buy from your frequently or spend lots of money on your products or services

If you need to thank someone for excellence in one of the categories above, then contact us for creative ideas on products and pins that will be the perfect reward or motivational tool for your organization!

Tell us all about your special lapel pin story! Fill in our Online Form or print out a Paper Form and mail it to us.

Click here to email your lapel pin photo.

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