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Creative Problem Solving with Promotional Products

One of the most important parts of my job as the Queen of Promotional Products is to find creative solutions to my clients’ challenges.¬† Here are a few examples of our approach to problem-solving at A Creative Touch:

act-cfl-night-lightChallenge:  A homecare company wanted to generate referral business via existing clients.

Solution:   Find a product that would have high visibility in the homes of existing clients.  This nightlight shaped like a CFL bulb provides safe nighttime light and a whimsical modern touch. With an energy saving sensor and a swivel plug, it is the perfect addition to a bathroom or kitchen. Just plug it in and it works. No need to turn it on or off; the sensor automatically turns the light on and off based on the light level in the room.

Result: Increased client referrals!

act-flip-flopsChallenge:¬† A city convention center was holding an all women’s conference.¬† The facility was undergoing a massive remodel and most of the walking paths were made of uneven gravel.¬† The convention center knew that this would be an inconvenience for women dressed in business attire and high heels.

Solution:  Flip flops in a variety of sizes were delivered to the convention center in time for the conference.  Each attendee selected at the conference was invited to select a pair of flip flops for easy walking around the convention center. 

Result:¬† The¬†women in the group were¬†thrilled–their ankles and shoes were spared and they re-booked the facility for future meetings.

act-coffee-sleeveChallenge:  An independent coffee shop and bakery wanted to drive traffic to their website to build brand loyalty.

Solution:  A resuable, double-sided coffee sleeve was the perfect solution!  One side featured the company logo; the other side encouraged customers to go to the website for a special offer.  On the website, customers learned that they would receive a great discount on pastries when presenting the reusable coffee sleeve.

Result:  Website traffic and pastry purchases both sky-rocketed!

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