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Recognizing “Sweet” Clients and Volunteers with “Heart”


Heart-Shaped Jar Opener

Heart-Shaped Jar Opener

For years, corporations and organizations have followed a tradition of sending holiday cards and gifts to their clients, vendors and volunteers. The end of the year is recognized as a good time to acknowledge relationships and reflect on the past year. But because so many companies honor this practice, recipients are flooded with cards and the gesture loses some of its impact.

Consequently, in recent decades, companies started sending Thanksgiving cards and gifts in lieu of Christmas or New Year greetings.¬† After all, Thanksgiving is a holiday devoted to giving thanks for the good things in life, and that includes our clients, vendors and volunteers.¬† Furthermore, the Thanksgiving holiday is¬†not associated with any specific religious faith.¬† As a result, Thanksgiving now brings a¬†¬†lot of client appreciation “traffic”.

Heart-Shaped Magnetized Power Clip

Heart-Shaped Magnetized Power Clip

¬†Have you ever considered sending Valentine’s Day gifts to your customers and volunteers?¬† If you want to stand out from your competition and be recognized and remembered by the people who make your business run, this is a great time to¬†express your affection for¬†them.¬†¬† It’s also a¬†creative¬†way to remind your clients that you are here for them, and bump up your “middle-of-winter” sales.

It’s the thought that counts, so Valentine gifts and goodies for customers, vendors (and even employees)¬†do not have to be costly to make an impact; tokens of appreciation will work just fine.¬† Cookies, brownies, chocolate¬†and other sweets are a timeless representation of the holiday. You can buy them in the individual boxes,¬†attaching your business card or a branded postcard with a ribbon.¬†¬†¬†Send a card in an envelope and you can even include an extra -a small, flat promotional item like a magnet with your company logo.

Heart-Shaped Sponge

Heart-Shaped Sponge

¬†If you don’t want to¬†send boxed chocolates or sweets, coffee mugs are a great vehicle for candies, individual packets of coffee, or gift cards.¬† Here’s a great idea– include a printed “coupon” for coffee with you. This gives you an opportunity to follow up and set coffee dates, giving you some one-on-one time with your most valued customers.

And don’t forget things that are¬†shaped like hearts!¬† Did you know that A Creative Touch has more than 4,800 heart-themed promotional products?¬† Here are just a few of the heart-themed products we offer:¬† aprons, auto accessories, baggage tags, blankets, books, calculators, cameras, clipboards, coasters, coin purses, compact discs, cookie jars, dishes, flashlights, picture frames, highlighters, ice scrapers, jewelry boxes, key holders, key chains, magnets, heart-shaped measuring spoons, mouse pads, notepads, playing cards, salt and pepper shakers, scarves, shopping bags, soaps, spa products, sponges, stress relievers, stuffed animals, tape measures, and tote bags!

But, if I had to choose my favorite heart-inspired gift, it would be a customized book such as the one I created for my customers.¬† It’s called:¬† The Heart of a Volunteer.¬† Click here to read more about it.

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