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Go For the Gold!

act-gold-itemLast week at the Academy Awards, it was all about the world’s most famous golden statuette, Oscar.¬† (Well, it was also about Angelina’s high slight and right leg, but that’s another story!)¬†

And, before we know it, we’ll all have Olympic fever.¬† The 2012 Summer Olympics are quickly approaching.¬† From July 27-Aug 12, 2012, athletes from around the world will be “going for the gold!”¬† But, you don’t need a huge event like the Academy Awards or the Olympics to go for the gold.¬† Use gold-themed promotional products, and you’ll have a medal-winning, Oscar-worthy campaign on your hands.

Why do people purchase promotional products?¬† To increase their brand visibility.¬†¬† One way to increase brand visibility is to do it literally–using bright colors, like gold, to stand out from the crowd!

Gold is a¬† powerful attention-getter because it is a vibrant, shiny color.¬† It doesn’t just get people’s attention visually; it also has a huge psychological impact.¬† From gold medals to gold credit cards, the color¬†symbolizes success, achievement, abundance, prosperity, luxury,¬† quality, prestige and sophistication.

Gold is also a versatile color, appropriate for both men and women and suitable for¬†people of all ages.¬† This makes¬†it a great choice for apparel (jackets, T-shirts, etc) and accessories such as scarves, bags, and hats.¬† And, a little goes a long way–just a touch of gold can add a great “punch” factor to almost any item.¬† Even better, logos are dramatically visible when set against a gold background, instantly grabbing the eyes and attention of others!

Did I mention that gold is also the color of royalty? If you’d like gold-level service in including a touch of gold in your next promotional product, then call me, the Queen of Promotional products at 910.452.4788.

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