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Falling Into the Season: Cozy Promotional Products

act-vermilion-fall-leavesFall is finally here! Although it is relatively warm here in North Carolina, I love feeling that first brush of chilly weather and taking out my favorite winter scarves and snuggly sweaters.

No matter your location, at this time of year, you’ll probably be reaching for things that keep you cozy for autumnal occasions: sweatshirts, blankets, even that travel mug full of hot cocoa.

So many people enjoy fall activities. What is your favorite? Football games, holiday parties, trick-or-treating with the kids, or even watching the leaves change to brilliant shades of vermilion and gold? The possibilities are endless! This is a time of year when people truly relish being outdoors and spending time together.

The shift in temperatures has me thinking about year-round marketing: what’s the best way to promote your organization or company as the seasons change? When those company logo t-shirts and flip flops get put away until May, it might be time to think about cold weather products! Here at A Creative Touch, we have an array of promotional products that are perfect for fall.

act-stadium-blanketAre your clients football fanatics? We have several stadium-ready blankets available, which can be customized with your company logo. Made of snuggly fleece, these stadium blankets are perfect for that big game, tailgating with friends, or even your college student’s dorm room. At 45″ x 55,” these are perfect for keeping warm on cool evenings.

Or, if your clients love seasonal pumpkin spice or gingerbread lattes, have a travel mug customized with your company’s logo or upcoming holiday event. They’ll think of you every time they take a sip from one of our 20-ounce shatterproof Java Collection mugs made of BPA-free plastic. Available in multiple color combinations, they¬†have a sleek, cup holder-friendly style for those on-the-go. Because travel mugs are so portable, they are one promotional product that travels with your client, especially when the thermometer drops! Our Java Collection Mobile Cup has a fantastic modern design with double-walled insulation and an easy twist-on lid in a matching material. No awkward handle to deal with.

act-sweatshirtsSweatshirts are another fabulous option, especially if you’ve already invested in promotional t-shirts. There’s no reason to stop raising awareness about your organization just because the weather is colder. How perfect would it be to be able to give potential clients a warm, cozy sweatshirt at your next evening event? We’ve all been to seasonal events where we forget to bring a coat, right? Our sweatshirts can be customized with your logo to associate your company with warm fuzzies! Our Adult size UltraBlend sweatshirt is a perfect example: it has a convenient zipper closure (no struggling with getting your arms in the sleeves!) and a warm hoodie. Tuck your hands in the pockets to keep your hands cozy, too. It is available in a dozen colors and multiple sizes. Made of a moisture-wicking poly cotton blend, it is the ultimate in fall comfort.

Depending on your needs, there are thousands of items you can use to promote your organization this season. Contact us for assistance if you can’t decide on the perfect promotional product: we’ll cozy you up!

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Elephant and Donkey Promotional Products Want Your Vote!

act-elephants-and-donkeysYou don’t have to be a nature enthusiast to wonder why unusual animals symbolize America’s two major political parties. Over the years, the donkey and the elephant have become the accepted symbols of the Democratic and Republican parties. Some Democrats might joke about the elephant being slow and conservative, but the Republicans think it is dignified and intelligent. On the other hand, some Republicans might regard the donkey as ungainly and ornery, but the Democrats claim it is humble and courageous.

According to the Washington Post, it was famed 1870s newspaper cartoonist Thomas Nast¬†-the man also responsible for sketching Santa Claus with a generous stomach- who associated each party with its respective animal.¬† Although the Democrats have never officially adopted the donkey as a party symbol, they have used various donkey designs on publications and promotional products over the years. The Republicans have actually adopted the elephant as their official symbol.¬† They use the design widely in promotional products. To honor the role of each animal in its party’s history, here are some promotional products for your next political shindig:

act-plush-bank-elephantHere’s an adorable elephant, perfect for the kid in your life, or the “big kids” helping out¬†with your campaign.¬† It¬†doubles as a bank, making it the perfect ‘thank you’ for campaign contributions. ¬†We have an array of family-friendly promotional products for this election cycle. Why not giveaway a stuffed animal at your next political fundraiser?

Looking for a promotional product that is a tad more traditional? At ACT, we can customize donkey or elephant shaped-signs and placards for your next candidate fundraiser or rally.

act-democrat-party-packWill you be on the edge of your seat on election night? Try our donkey and elephant-shaped stress toys! These cute little squeezables are sure to brighten your mood and can be customized, too.  Throwing a large party? Go for a complete party pack like this one:

Did you know that A Creative Touch¬†has more than 500 elephant and donkey-themed promotional products to choose from and that we can customize many of our items to your exact specifications? If you’re looking to celebrate this election cycle, contact us for your promotional product needs!

Tradeshow Trick-or-Treaters

act-halloweenEvery tradeshow has them: trick-or-treaters!  We may think of trick-or-treaters as little kids seeking candy on Halloween, but if your company exhibits regularly at trade shows, public events, or expos, there are plenty of people ringing your doorbell year-round.

Not all of them are interested in your business. Instead, some visitors to your booth at tradeshows and events are potentially just looking for their version of Halloween candy-your promotional products! So, how can you tell the genuine business prospect from the customer in costume?

Here are ACT’s tips for dealing with trick-or-treaters and ensuring that you don’t leave your next trade show feeling like a friendly ghost instead of a frightened one:


1. Don’t Leave All Your Candy in That Bucket On the Porch: Resist the urge to set up a table or swag display that makes it easier for trick-or-treaters to ‚Äėring the bell’ and flee without showing interest in your business.
2. Learn to say ‚ÄėBoooo!': Teach your employees and booth operators to discern between actual interest and swag hunting trick-or-treaters.
3. Ask Them to Say Please Before You Hand Out That Candy Corn:¬†¬†Kids aren’t the only ones who¬†sometimes need reminders to be polite. Get potential trick-or-treaters to sign up for your email lists, listen to service presentations, or fill out data surveys before you give away those promotional products.¬† Remember, truly interested customers will be happy to find out more about your business.
4. Go For The Haunted House Approach: Make receiving your promotional products part of a larger journey with the rewards at the end. Ask your customers to complete a task before mailing a customized promotional product, for example. According to a recent article in ASICentral, interactive promotions are a great way of gauging actual customer interest. Barb Barchum described her experience: “Last year, we sent out 1,200 seed packages and said ‘return this empty seed packet to receive one free set-up on your next order,’ Oh my goodness, did we receive empty seed packets – I would imagine we gave away 100 or more set-ups. I would say that self-promotion worked!” Like a Haunted House operator, you might have a smaller, but ultimately more devoted, group of participants with promotions like these.

Whatever your promotional needs, A Creative Touch¬†is here to help you survive the spooky world of trick-or-treat! And, we’re sending you best witches this Halloween!

Promotional Product Nightmares

act-grim-reaperWe’ve all shivered, screamed, and hidden our eyes at scary Halloween movies, but promoting your business or organization shouldn’t be a scary.¬† What if your promotional product company turns out to be a real-life Halloween horror story?¬† Beware of ghosts, ghouls, and goblins out for your promotional gold! There are countless stories of promotional products gone awry, so you need to consider these spooktacularly bad scenarios before you place an order:

“Ghostly” Orders: There’s nothing worse than receiving a promotional product after you need it for a trade show or special event. Or never receiving it at all! You don’t want to be the empty house that everyone avoids….while your promotional products go bump in the night. Don’t fall prey to a company that will leave you hanging like out-of-season decorations at your next tradeshow or expo.¬† As for A Creative Touch, we’ve been in business for more than a decade, and we’ve never missed a deadline!

Terrifying Typos: Customization problems with products are an avoidable, but all-too-common error. The famous blog Cake Wrecks, for example, is devoted to bakery nightmares that will make you want to hum the “Monster Mash.” Errors like those can make your promotional products as scary as Frankenstein!¬† You can count on us to check, double check, and triple check your order.

Night of the Living Dead: You’ve received a stack of promotional products with frightening errors. Or you’re still waiting…so, you call the company and the line rings and rings. Is anyone home? Or will you be stuck with zombie-like customer service?¬† At A Creative Touch, you always speak to one of our team members, live and in real time!

Transylvania Style: There’s nothing worse than out-of-date merchandise that looks like it came from the last century. Beware of commercial retailers whose style and product advice is more Count Dracula than cutting edge, lest your promotional products end up in the graveyard.¬† We attend subscribe to multiple publications and personally attend several¬†industry events per year and stay on top of promotional product trends.

To be safe from the undead, call us at A Creative Touch¬†to help you with your promotional product needs! Don’t risk turning your dreams of success into a Nightmare on Elm Street.

Spooky Promotional Products

With Halloween just around the corner, you might be looking for scary and spooky promotional products. If you’re trying to bring a little holiday flavor to your next trade show, if you’re sponsoring a local haunted house or fundraising party, or, if you just need something memorable, then give us a call.¬† A Creative Touch has¬†the perfect Halloween promotional products for you. Take a look at just a few of our ghoulishly fun giveaways!

Wait Until Dark
act-glow-stickFor your next spook-tacular event, our customizable glow products can help you light up the dark! If your Halloween event is going to be atmospherically lit, you’ll need something eye-catching and bright to give to your potential clients.¬† Try these glow sticks¬† if you’re looking for something that will make your name stand out even in the gloom.

These 4″ glow sticks come on a lanyard to help with hands-free trick-or-treating, and they are guaranteed to glow for hours. Available in neon red, pink, blue, and green, they aren’t just perfect for Halloween; they can also be used for parties, New Year, Christmas, discos, night events, sports events, and more.

Sweet Treats With a Special Twist
act-halloween-toteWant a promotional product that associates your name with something sweet? Why not try a customizable product bag or container that could be filled with Halloween candy? These eco-friendly, reusable Halloween¬†themed tote bags¬†can be customized with your logo and filled with goodies.¬† Don’t forget to include company brochures and other useful handouts¬†for clients.¬† If many of your customers have children who trick-or-treat, or you know they will be wandering to and fro at a conference venue, a reflective bag might be a nice touch, highlighting that you care about safety.¬† If you want something smaller to fill with mini candies, consider Halloween-themed aluminum tumblers.¬† Featuring a Halloween image on one side and your company logo on the other, they are at once portable and customer-friendly.

For Scaredy Cats
act-halloween-spiderIf Halloween give you nightmares, and spooky stuff stresses you out,  show your clients you have a sense of humor by choosing customizable stress toys in Halloween themes!  Talking about your fear of spiders is a great way to break the ice with potential clients at a trade show or event.

Whether Halloween brings out the kid in you or¬†your the type who¬†loathes candy corn, A Creative Touch¬†can help you pick out the perfect promotional item for America’s scariest holiday. Come trick-or-treat with us!

Political Promotional Products Win Big!

act-political-campaign-buttonsDo you remember “I LIKE IKE”? Ever since the catchy Eisenhower button debuted in the 1950s, political campaign items have become “must have” promotional products, widely known in our pop culture.¬† For the 1984 election cycle, Ronald Reagan and George Bush chose buttons with the re-election slogan “Keep America Great.” More recent elections have popularized products emblazoned with official campaign images, like Shepard Fairey’s famous¬† “Hope” poster from the 2008 Obama campaign, which was later purchased by the Smithsonian museum.

However, today’s campaigns aren’t limited to simple buttons, signs, and posters.¬† Instead, the variety of campaign promotional products available is endless. Candidates and their teams can chose from an assortment of items that voters can use on an everyday basis. These items can include mugs, keychains, lanyards, magnets, and cups, just to name a few possibilities. Popular wearable campaign items come in a variety of forms, too, including hats, buttons, sweatshirts, and t-shirts, designed to let everyone know who the wearer supports, regardless of whether you’re running for mayor or PTA president. Along with the classic bumper stickers and yard signs, voters can pledge their allegiance to a candidate in more unconventional ways, with promotional products like teddy bears, foam fingers, and balloons.¬† If you are organizing a campaign, these images may be the way that voters remember your candidacy.

In fact, decades after their release, some campaign promotional products-everything from commemorative coins to posters-are still popular and valuable collector’s memorabilia.¬† One organization, American Political Items Collectors, works with many presidential museums to exhibit remarkable or rare campaign items. Hobbyists and collectors often chose to build collections based on their favorite historical figure, state, or campaign. One collector purchased a single 1924 button depicting candidates John Davis and Charles Bryan for a record $150,000 in 2000.

Collectors’ interests range from famous figures like President Lincoln to lesser-known candidates like Davis and Bryan, as well as historic movements like Prohibition or Women’s Suffrage. Present-day candidates and aspiring officeholders are wise to think about creating visually appealing promotional products that will stand the test of time and become collector’s items for our future generations. Taking care in choosing the best image for your promotional products is an important part of every election campaign, whether you’re running for national office or campaigning to be your organization’s treasurer.

At A Creative Touch, we focus on the kind of quality service and promotional product delivery that will make your campaign stand out from the crowd.

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