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Give Me Liberty, Or Give Me Tacos?

act-liberty-bellIn these tough economic times, it’s great to hear some good news! Did you know that Taco Bell is buying the famous Liberty Bell? It’s all part of an effort, the company says, to “help the national debt,” by purchasing and maintaining national landmarks privately, instead of depending on the American taxpayer to protect these treasures. Taco Bell believes this will start a trend of charitable purchases of landmarks and historical items by other US companies. The Liberty Bell will be renamed the Taco Liberty Bell, but will still be viewable by the public, the company says in their press release, which ran in multiple newspapers across the nation.

The White House weighed in on this story, with press secretary Mike McCurry indicating that the administration approved of the deal and that they were in talks to sell the Lincoln Memorial to Ford. America’s oldest car company hopes to rename the memorial in honor of their Lincoln Mercury car model. “We’re hoping to do a series of these,” said McCurry, regarding the White House’s attitude towards the privatization trend. With this practice already common at sports stadiums, museums, and other venues, our national landmarks are just one more sign of corporate sponsorship in everyday life.

Worried about the White House being renamed by a corporation? Thousands were similarly afraid when this notorious hoax happened in 1996. Yes, it’s a famous fake! Taco Bell designed this advertising campaign as an April Fools’ Day joke, according to the Museum of Hoaxes,  and the White House played along.  The Lincoln Memorial is safe! So is the Liberty Bell, which remains in Philadelphia under the supervision of the National Parks Service.  Looking for a Liberty Bell-themed promotional product?  Our database features 38 different products that honor Old Liberty.

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Tales of TP’ing?

act-toilet-paper-tape-dispenseYou know me as The Queen of Promotional Products, but did you know that I also used to be The Queen of Pranks?

When I was in school, I played my fair share of pranks and tricks…of course, they were always legal pranks, I swear.  In high school, I helped my friends toilet paper the football players’ cars during the football season.

Have you heard of toilet papering? It’s sometimes called yard rolling or house wrapping, too. You cover trees, houses, cars or other objects with rolls of toilet paper.  Kooky, but totally harmless, right? Well, that depends on the state!  In some states toilet papering is illegal!  Am I guilty of tricking the entire football team?

Verdict: Yes, it’s true! What you may not know is that, while some states will fine you for yard rolling, it is perfectly legal in North Carolina! We’ve kept our sense of humor  about TP’ing, even if we take our football seriously!

Looking for a promotional product that shows you don’t take office work too seriously?  How about this toilet paper-inspired office station?  It’s a sure way to make sure you get all of your business done!  The toilet bowl holds paper clips and the magnetic butt picks them up. The front is designed to hold a roll of tape like toilet paper while the back holds memo pads and pens. Available in four colors (blue, orange, green and purple), this product may be customized with your company name and logo or purchased without an imprint. Office supplies are not included.

Perfect for plumbers, bathroom fixture supply companies, portable toilet rental companies, or corporate cultures with a sense of humor, this is what I call one creative promotional product!

Foolin’ Around with Wine Glasses

With April Fools’ Day right around the corner, I thought it was a perfect time to have fun with wine and wine glasses.  Let’s start with a few of my favorite wine jokes:

“I just rescued some wine. It was trapped in a bottle.”

“I drink a glass of wine a day for the health benefits. The other glasses are for my witty comebacks and flawless dance moves.”

act-vino-to-goYou’ve probably heard the old joke about wine being “a serving of fruit” too, right? If you love getting all your servings of fruit in a glass, then you’re sure to enjoy novelty wine glasses. They’re the most fun promotional products!  That is, if they’re real……can these wacky goblets be believed?  Try to guess if they are real or fake!

The Redneck Party Cup: These wine glasses resemble those cheap plastic cups you see at summer barbecues everywhere, except they have a “fancy” stem.

The Tipsy Wine Glass: These glasses look like they’ve had a few too many! They lean and list slightly to one side, to comical effect.

The Vino to Go Tumbler: This wine sippy cup is a double wall plastic tumbler that holds wine in the classic “crystal glass” shape. It is perfect for beach and poolside parties.

The Mason Jar Wine Glass: A fancier version of the Redneck Cup, these glasses have a Mason Jar-inspired style. They’re hip and square, plus they come with their own classic lid.

So, what do you think? Are these wine glasses for real? Or am I pulling your leg? Surprise, surprise, they’re all real!   In fact, these novelty wine glasses are a popular promotional products trend. The latest industry fad is for shatterproof wine glasses for spring entertaining outdoors. My personal favorite is the Vino to Go tumbler, which holds 10 ounces of wine and is BPA-free. Call us if you want a set of these clever wine glasses for your next volunteer recognition party, corporate gala, or fundraising event. Here at A Creative Touch, we’re also on the lookout for the coolest and most creative promotional products; this one definitely deserves a toast!

Organizational Style in a Stylus

act-stylus-penDid you receive an iPad, Surface, or other tablet as a gift this holiday season? You’re not alone! Tablets were one of the most popular gifts this year, according to The New York Times. By now, you’re probably in love with your tablet’s functions-checking email, browsing the Internet, even storing all your family photos. But there is one downside to tablets, right? It’s no fun to try and “mash” all the various apps and buttons with your fingers, leaving smudges and sometimes opening the wrong window. It’s enough to make you long for a tablet-friendly pencil! Well, guess what I found at the latest trade show for promotional products?

These nifty stylus products are compatible with all devices, easy-to-use, and available in a wide range of colors and designs. This stylus replicates the design of a fountain pen, making it a great choice for those who prefer a traditional design. And it’s available in four shades-red, black, green, and blue.

Want something smaller and more portable? Go with this small, circular stylus. It can be easily plugged into your tablet’s headphones port, making it nearly impossible to lose, despite its small size! And it’s customizable, too-think of how often your recipient will think about you 2013 WEBSITE- E-STYLUS PAGE (RESIZED)when they use this tiny, but mighty “pen”!

If your clients, prospects, employees or volunteers are fans of tablets— and really, even elementary school kids seem to love them now!-then these stylus tools might be the perfect promotional product for you. They can be customized with your organization’s name and logo, making them ideal for raffle giveaways and special awards. Worried your target group might not have a tablet?  Remember that these stylus pens can be used with smartphones too.  In fact, given the tiny screens of many smartphones, a stylus might be a must-have.

Whether you’re seeking a traditional pen for the old-fashioned art of writing or a stylus pen for web surfing, texting and emailing, give us a call!  Whatever your tech needs-from high to low-we have you covered at A Creative Touch!

Volunteer Recognition Idea #13

Have fabulous volunteers? Struggling to find fun, yet affordable ways to reward them for their service to your organization? Find inspiration in our weekly T.G.I.F. idea. Each Friday, we will highlight creative ideas for a Theme, Gift, Invitation, and Food plan that make for a perfect volunteer recognition event. Let A Creative Touch inspire your creativity with promotional product ideas that show appreciation to your volunteers!

act-night-lightT.=Theme: Volunteers Light the Way!

G.=Gifts: Light up your message in every home and office with our night light, which features a diamond cut-look lens. Or tell your volunteers you value their sparkle with a customizable flashlight. These gifts show your appreciate for their warmth and effort for your organization-that they really do light your way!

I.=Invites/Décor: Since the color black is the absence of light, chose black and white act-flashlightdécor for high contrast, light-centered glamour. Order black lights and encourage your guests to wear white and light-colored clothing so they will glow. Make name tags with fluorescent highlighters for a very cool look. White streamers, balloons and other light-colored items will stand out under black lights. 

To create warmth and ambiance for the party itself, use strings of lights throughout your venue.  From LED-illuminated white floral centerpieces to richly glowing fireplaces and fire pits, there are lots of ways to light up the room!  For example, rent a star gobo lighting projector to project light on dance floors, ceilings, walls, or just about anywhere you want to project a pattern. Using a prism effect will help triple the coverage of a gobo light.

F.=Food/Refreshments:Keep your menu “light” and light-inspired with foods made using flame.  Wood-grilled fish, poultry, and vegetables are a great choice. Finish your meal with Crème BrulĂ©e, Baked Alaska or Bananas Foster.  For beverages, try this great easy-to-make aurora-borealis cocktail that actually glows in the dark!  Or, serve drinks in LED cups also available through A Creative Touch.

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