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Quacking Up Over Duck Dynasty

act-camo-flashlightI am a fan of the A&E reality show Duck Dynasty. Have you seen it? It stars the hilarious Robertson family, who own a multimillion-dollar company that manufactures duck calls, the wooden whistles used to mimic duck sounds in hunting. The Robertson men are almost as famous for their long beards as they are for their company’s products!  If your organization would like to host a Duck Dynasty event or has fans among its volunteers, these cute promotional products will “call” to you!

Try our Illuminate LED flashlight in a Duck Dynasty inspired camouflage print. It’s a perfect promotional item for hunting, camping, and hiking enthusiasts. And even if you’ve never hunted before, it’s a convenient and useful household tool. This 9 LED flashlight has a wrist strap for added accessibility. Plus, it can be customized to your unique specifications. Light up your company’s name with this camouflage flashlight!

act-camo-hatIf your volunteers really love camo, chose of our camouflage hats. We have multiple options, both with and without brims, which can be customized with your company’s logo. You can chose from an all-camo print hat or one with a contrasting bill in hunter-friendly orange, too. Wouldn’t it be great to see your volunteers wearing your company’s mission on their hats?
If you want a more female-friendly option that could still fit in within the Duck Dynasty theme, pick one of our women’s or juniors’ pink camouflage pullover sweatshirts. You add your specifications without sacrificing a feminine look! These hoodie sweatshirts have a handy pouch pocket and come in a fleece and cotton-poly blend for maximum comfort.

act-camo-duckLast but not least, you need a duck for your Duck Dynasty event! Choose one of our rubber ducky toys as the perfect fair, expo, or promotional giveaway. Our “ducks” include bathtub toys, key chain ducks, and even rubber ducks on springs! We have over 800 duck options for you, so the sky is the limit.

Here at A Creative Touch, we can make your Duck Dynasty event redneck worthy-and you don’t even need to bring the “Duck” tape! Call us today to order your custom promotional products.

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Promotional Products for Wheelchair Sporting Events

act-wheelchair-medalIf you’ve seen the thrilling, rough and tumble documentary Murderball, featuring the US quad rugby team, you know that wheelchair bound athletes are as intense, competitive and athletic as any others.   I got to witness their power and dedication when I volunteered last year at the National Veterans Wheelchair Games.  Events include swimming, table tennis, weightlifting, archery, air guns, basketball, nine-ball, softball, quad rugby, bowling, hand cycling, trapshooting, wheelchair slalom, power soccer, a motorized wheelchair rally, track and field, and more.

I had such a great time at last year’s games, this year I’ve devoted an entire week to volunteering at the 33rd National Veterans Wheelchair Games in Tampa, Florida in July.  This got me thinking about the fantastic promotional products we carry for wheelchair athletes:

We have dozens of sports-friendly options, like basketballs, backboards, and customizable medals for the winning team. My personal favorite is the Wheelchair Racing Medal. At 5/16ths of an inch, in classic brass, it can be hung on the ribbon of your choice. That makes it a perfect memento for any wheelchair racer. If you’ve ever watched Wheelchair Racing in the Summer Paralympics, you know that these athletes can break records for speed, at more than 30 kilometers per hour!

act-led-lights-wheelchairIf you are hosting a wheelchair based sporting competition, pick up some of our customizable sport water bottles in a variety of colors and styles. Everyone needs H2O! We have BPA-free options for health and safety.

Plus, we have all kinds of sports and marathon-ready apparel, from custom t-shirts to armbands. All of these items come in a range of colors, sizes, and styles, ready to be ordered to your specifications. I think our flashing LED lights for bicycle spokes might make an excellent and fun accessory for your wheelchair, too. I might bring some of them with me to Florida to test my theory!

If you’re hosting a wheelchair-based athletic competition, we’re cheering you on at A Creative Touch. Call us to order your favorite promotional products today.

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