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6 Reasons Promotional Products are the Best Way to Advertise

It should be obvious by that we’re passionate about promotional products. Not only do we sell and design some of the most creative products in the business, we also use them every day, whether we’re toting them in our purse, sliding them into our glove compartments, staying cool in the summer, or celebrating our favorite patriotic holidays. While you probably agree that promotional products are pretty nifty (you are reading our blog, after all!) here are six more reasons that prove promotional products are the best choice when it comes to advertising your organization or business.

3d figuresKeep in touch!

Most purses and wallets are full of extra padding in the form of receipts, loose change, scraps of paper. How can you expect your business card to stand out in that kind of mess? You can’t, which is why the right promotional product – like a Teddy Bear Key Ring (Item #BSKGD-IUDXT) – will catch a potential customer’s eye long before a card or brochure.

Reason 2Brand loyalty.

Everyone likes free stuff. You know what else they like? The people handing out the free stuff. Hand them a totally free token, tchotchke, or trinket that’s useful and creative, and they’ll forever associate you with the good feelings that freebies bring.

3rd ReasonGoodbye, Middle Man.

When you hand someone a promotional product, you’re putting your advertisement directly in their hands. You don’t have to worry if they’ll notice your billboard on the side of the road, or if they’ll sit through a commercial break long enough to see your ad. That face-to-face contact, along with a physical reminder of who you and what you do, is priceless.

The product that keeps on promoting.

If you put an ad on the radio, you’ll have someone’s attention for 30 seconds, if you’re lucky. If you give them a promotional product they’ll use every day – such as our Original Fabric Mouse Pad (Item #UWJFJ-BGTXP) – they’ll see if Monday through Friday, from 9AM to 5PM, as it sits on their desk and helps them accomplish their daily tasks. What could be better than that?

ACT 5Generosity.

People pay a lot of attention to personality and perception. If they perceive your organization as a kind and giving one, thanks to the promotional products you generously hand out at events and as incentives, they’ll naturally want to support you. A fun and creative item gives them a reason to choose your business or organization over the others.

ACT 6The price is right.

Everyone has a budget, and we have promotional products to fit yours, no matter what it is. Search our catalog now, and find the product that’s perfect for you!

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‘Tis the Season for Promotional Product Companies Year ‘Round!

ACT Xmas WrapIt’s officially the holiday season, which means everyone is getting into the gift-giving spirit. Everyone, that is, except the team at A Creative Touch. It’s not because we’re a bunch of Scrooges. It’s because we’re in the gift-giving spirit all year! And because we love gifts so much, our favorites are the ones that can be used year round, rather than being limited to a few seasonal weeks here and there.

Because we love striking this balance, we’ve got a number of promotional products in our A Creative Touch catalog that are prefect for wrapping and placing under the tree, but won’t be put away once the ornaments are packed, the twinkly lights are taken down, and the tree is out on the curb. Not only that, they’re a great way to show your appreciation for all the important people in your life, whether they’re clients, vendors, prospects, employees, volunteers, or family members.

This year, we’ve decided to create a list of these fun and useful items to make your holiday shopping a little easier. Consider it our gift to you.

Calendars For the New Year:  The average person looks at a calendar between three and six times a day. Three times a day, for 365 days a year, means they’ll see your message a total of 1,095 times between January and December. If you spend $3.00 on each calendar, the CPI (cost per impression) comes down to very festive .002 cents. Not even Santa’s elves can build a gift that effective!

Mugs for Cider, Cocoa, and Christmas Morning Coffee:  A mug is a great gift that can be used immediately, especially on mornings when the family is gathered around for a holiday brunch. It can also be used every morning you drink coffee! It’s not surprising, then, that a recent study found the message on a coffee cup will be seen as often as 10 times per day—especially if they travel to the office. I’ll toast to that!

Branded Journals and Planners:  The holiday season is a great time for people to reflect on what they have, while also planning for the coming year. A sturdy notebook has never been more useful, whether it’s used as a gratitude journal or as a place to jot down New Year’s resolutions. A daily planner is another obvious and valuable choice—what better way to keep track of appointments, plans, and everyday to-dos? (And what better place to put your message!)

Tote Bags Full of Treats:  Food is a traditional gift, enjoyed by and appropriate for nearly every holiday, regardless of religion. The problem with a food gift is that once it’s consumed, that’s it—it’s gone, and so is your message! If you’d like to give consumables as a gift, such as a bottle of wine or a delicious fruitcake, deliver these items in a customized tote bag. Not only will they provide eco-friendly wrapping, they can be reused for years and serve as a constant reminder of your excellent gift-giving skills.

All-Weather Apparel:  While a winter hat or a pair of flip-flops might have a limited window of use, there are plenty of clothing items that can be worn throughout the year. T-shirts are great for wearing to the gym, even in the middle of winter, baseball caps are prefect for shading eyes from the sun, which shines year round, and a light jacket can be worn in countless situations. Save these gifts for your most treasured friends, family members, and business associates, and you can be sure they’ll wear them with pride.

We hope that this list helps get you into the gift-giving spirit, and keeps you there all year long. In the meantime, tell us: what’s on your wish list this season?

50 Ways to Leave Your Promotional Products Behind

ACT 50 Ways to Leave Your Promotional Products BehindSome songs become more than just songs; they become legends.  The other day I heard Paul Simon’s  “50 Ways to Leave Your Lover” on the radio.  It’s still as fresh and fun as it was when it topped the charts in 1976.  Simon’s catchy hit got stuck in my head for days and for good reason.  Although you might not think so, it actually has a lot to do with promotional products.  Allow me to explain:

Some people leave their lovers when they don’t love them anymore.  But leave a promotional product behind, and you’ll garner long-lasting love for your brand or your company.  Just like leaving “lovers”, there are at least  fifty ways to leave a promotional product behind.  That’s the whole point of promotional products, after all. If you keep them to yourself, they won’t do you any good. But the more you share them, find ways to give them away, and make it fun—for you, and for your customers, employees, volunteers, and friends—the more effective they are. Leaving your promotional products behind is actually the best thing you can do for them!

The music industry rewards musicians by tracking statistics–songs and albums sold.  Every time a sale is made, whether it be in a store or online,  it gets recorded. That recorded data determines the Billboard charts.  The promotional products industry also tracks results to determine its own gold and platinum products.

In 2009, Promotional Products Association International(PPAI) polled a group of more than one thousand consumers who remembered receiving a promotional product within the past two years.  Those who did not remember receiving anything within that time period were screened out of the sample, leaving 44% of the initial survey group.  Of this group, the results were astounding:

  • 94% of participants could recall a specific promotional product they had received in the past 24 months.
  • The majority of them—89%—also remembered the advertiser represented by the item.
  • 83% said they enjoyed getting promotional products.
  • 48% wish they received promotional products more often.
  • 69% typically keep the promotional products they receive.

And so, in honor of Paul Simon’s classic, here’s the latest hit from A Creative Touch. I call this masterpiece, “50 Ways to Leave Your Promotional Product.” But be careful—it’ll be stuck in your head for days.

You just slip into a shirt, Bert.

Make a new decal, Sal.

You need a mint tin, Jim.

Just give it away for free.

Hop into these sandals, Randal.

You need a beer mug, Doug.

Just drop off the hat, Matt.

And give it away for free.

You grab a tote bag, Dag.

Get a neoprene sleeve, Steve.

You need a book light, Dwight.

Just give it away for free.

Use a hot pad, Chad.

You need a golf ball, Saul.

Just drop off the candy, Sandy.

You could use a nice pen, Sven.

Take a rubber duck, Chuck.

You need a server for pie, Ty.

Just give it away for free.

How about a dancing flower, Bowser?

You need a key chain, Blaine.

Just drop off the clock, Doc.

You just slip into pom poms, Tom.

Customize a pin, Tim.

You need tools for the grill, Phil.

Just give it away for free.

Hop into a pet bed, Ted.

You need some wind up teeth, Keith.

Just drop off dog toys, Roy.

You slip into boxer shorts, Court.

Make a bobble head, Fred.

You need a pillow case, Trace.

Just give it away for free.

Grab this umbrella, Fella.

You need a chip clip, Trip.

A drop of hand sanitizer spray, Gray?

You just slip them a nail file, Kyle.

Get a charging hub, Bub.

You need a power bank, Frank.

Plant these flower seeds, Reid.

You need a beer mug, Doug.

Just drop off the hat, Matt.

You slip into a necktie, Guy.

Get a corkscrew, Stew.

You need a pullover, Rover.

Just give it away for free.

Try out a coaster set, Chet.

You need a backpack, Jack.

This apron is great, Nate.

And give it away for free!

The Value of Offline Marketing in an Online World

ACT OnlineWhen it comes to promotional products, you might be tempted to pass them by, opting instead for advertising on the web, running a Facebook promotion, or emailing your customers and clients limited-time-only coupon codes.

While these can all be fine ways to advertise your business or organization, there’s another option that carries a little more weight and has a bit more meaning. It involves turning off your computer, stepping away from your desk, and going out into the real world. Don’t worry, you don’t have to do this alone—not when you have your very own, real live, three-dimensional promotional products to help you out.

I know what you’re thinking—turn off my computer? Are you crazy? Nope, not crazy. Smart. You see, I’ve been in the business long enough to recognize when the tides are turning, and in the world of promotional products, that moment has arrived.

The Problem with Fast Food and Facebook

If you want an example of what I’m talking about, look no further than your dinner plate. For years, manufacturers were selling the idea that food should be fast, cheap, and easy. Drive-thru restaurants flourished, and the microwave was the most used appliance in the house. Eventually, however, people got tired of instant meals, and began to crave the suppers of their childhood. This led to the birth of the “slow food movement,” and the return to a more nourishing approach to meals.

Need another example? Think of the way your Facebook wall blows up on your birthday, with everyone from your dentist to your high school nemesis wishing you a great year—or, even worse, a “HBD”, the annoying acronym for Happy Birthday (how lazy can one be???).  Compare that to the feeling you get when you open your mailbox and find a handwritten card or a letter from a loved one. That one piece of mail, humble as it may be, is more meaningful than a thousand messages on your Facebook wall.

Promotional products are a lot like a Sunday pot roast and a piece of mail. In a world where everyone else is putting their energy online, making the effort to go offline will set you apart from the pack in a way that clients and customers will appreciate.

The Numbers Don’t Lie

ACT Offline MarketingI may be The Queen of Promotional Products, but don’t just take my word for it—ask the experts, and they’ll agree. According to a recent study conducted by PPAI, a promotional product industry trade association, only 44% of the average American consumers interviewed reported receiving a promotional product in the last two years. Yet 90% of those people who had been given a promotional product still had it. 83% of the respondents said they’d like to receive a promotional product with an adverting message, and 48% wanted to receive these products more often. I say we need to give the people what they want, and what the people want is, quite clearly, more promotional products!

The Moral of the Story

The lesson here is actually quite simple. In our rush to adopt the newest technologies, download the latest social media apps, and invest in websites with all the bells and whistles, it’s easy to lose sight of what really matters. While I love promotional products because of they’re so effective (even a promotional product that’s only used once a week is seen 52 times a year!), the magic of promotional products is the fact that they’re real, solid, and tangible. They ask us to face one another, rather than hide behind computer screens and avatars. They give us an excuse to shake hands, have a conversation, send ‘snail mail’ or put a face to the name. It’s a feeling people are craving, especially after so many years of living in a “virtual reality.” When they finally step away from the computer and pick up a pen to write a letter, or head to the kitchen to cook a meal, your promotional products will be ready and waiting for them. That’s a good place to be, and a great place to promote your company.



The Science of Selecting the Perfect Promotional Products

ACT Scientific MethodSome people think being able to zero in on perfect promotional products is an art, a magical talent that only a few people possess. While that’s certainly a small part of it, natural talent will only take you so far. That’s why, when it comes to helping our customers choose their own promotional products, A Creative Touch relies on a mixture of instinct and a trick of the trade, also known as “the scientific method.”

I didn’t invent the scientific method. (If I did, it would be called something a little more interesting, like the Royal Roundtable or the Queen’s Amazing Questions.  After all, I am The Queen of Promotional Products!) The scientific method has been around since the 17th century, and for hundreds of years its been used as a way to ask and answer questions through observation and experimentation. Gravity? Plastic? iPhones? Yep, that’s right. They’ve all been invented or discovered, at least in part, thanks to the scientific method.

The scientific method includes six steps. When a client approaches me and has no idea how to choose a promotional product, I walk them through the steps. By the end of the list, we’ve usually landed on the perfect solution, and everyone leaves the conversation happy and satisfied. Today, I’m going to let you in on this trade secret, and show how science can help you choose the right promotional product, too.

Step 1: Ask a question.  The big question is, of course, “What promotional product should you purchase?” But to get there, you should really ask a series of smaller questions. “What goals am I trying to achieve with a promotional product? Who is my target audience? What is my budget?” Once these questions are answered, we can move on to the second step.

Step 2: Do background research.  The next step is to figure out what sort of item would be valuable and exciting to your customers, volunteers or employees. You want your promotional product to be useful, because use means exposure. Exciting is important, because you want your customers and clients to feel like they’re receiving a gift, rather than an advertisement. The trick is to zero in on the current trends, but avoid choosing something that will be passé or cliché tomorrow. It’s a delicate balance, but not impossible, especially if you are in the hands of a certified promotional products specialist.

 Step 3: Construct a hypothesis.  You can only ask questions for so long. At some point, you have to make a choice. Your hypothesis can be as simple as this: “I run a gym. My clients often listen to music while they workout. Therefore, I think that a set of earbuds sporting the gym’s logo would be a perfect promotional product.” That wasn’t so hard now, was it? Enjoy that feeling of accomplishment while it lasts—things are about to get a little more difficult.

 Step 4: Test your hypothesis by doing an experiment.  Until it has been tested, a hypothesis is nothing more than an idea. To make it real, you have to investigate, experiment, and see if the idea can stand on its own two legs. Sticking with the earbud example from Step 3, you have a few options. Walk through the gym and count how many people are listening to music on an average day. Poll some members to see if they’re interested in earbuds. Finally, order a very small run of earbuds and give them to a few regulars, then see how they are received and how often the earbuds are used.

Step 5: Analyze your data and draw a conclusion.  Good news! You’ve discovered that earbuds are popular in the gym, your clients report that they’d love a new set, and your test run is performing well. This experiment has been a success, and you’ve confirmed that this particular promotional product is valuable, exciting, and fulfills a need in the lives of your target audience. It’s time to place a full order, with the confidence that only the scientific method can provide.

 Step 6: Communicate.  The perfect promotional product does more than spread your logo all over town. It shows that you’ve taken the time to get to know your audience, whether they’re customers, clients, volunteers, or employees. You understand their needs and values, likes and dislikes, interests and occupations, and you’ve used that information to give them something they didn’t even know they needed! Through that promotional product, you’re communicating something important—that you listen and you care. It’s a priceless (and scientifically sound) message for any company or organization.


Promotional Products: The Ultimate Brand Ambassadors

Retro Small Hatchback SetOne popular marketing practice is the practice of hiring “brand ambassadors.” Brand ambassadors are people paid to represent a brand in a positive way.  Like a spokesperson, a brand ambassador (celebrity or not) is tasked with spreading the message of a company by interacting with customers, sales prospects, business partners, and the media.  As The Queen of Promotional Products, I believe in strongly in brand diplomacy, if it’s done well.  And, I happen to know the best brand ambassadors our there.  Read on….

When done right, a brand ambassador program can be very effective. One of my favorite examples of a successful ambassador campaign is the one Google launched way back in 2005. They hired college students as “Pizza Ambassadors” to wander the study halls of the country’s top engineering universities, handing out free pizza on behalf of Google. It showed the students that Google was cool, and served as an excellent—and delicious!—recruitment tool while reinforcing the company’s product and its brand.

On the other hand, brand ambassadorships can also lead to disastrous results. In the 1990s, actress Helena Bonham Carter was a brand ambassador for the cosmetics company, Yardley—until she admitted in an interview that she never, ever wore makeup. Oops. In 2008, Jenny Craig reportedly cut ties with actress Kirstie Alley after she gained back all the weight she’d lost on the program. And in 2010, after news of his many infidelities hit the newsstands, golfer Tiger Woods lost many of his brand ambassadorships, including Gatorade, Gillette, and Rolex. You might say these kind of scandals are “par for the course” when you hire people to represent your brand.

If you’re suddenly thinking that the risks of having a brand ambassador outweigh the benefits, never fear. Promotional products are the ultimate brand ambassadors, for many reasons. Here are just a few:

Canada_flag_bulletThey don’t require training.  Promotional products were created to do one thing and one thing only: promote. They don’t need a meeting with human resources, or a few weeks of on-the-job training. In a world where time is money, the ability to do your job immediately is incredibly valuable.

Italy_flag_bulletYou don’t have to pay them a salary.  Promotional products are happy to work 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. They don’t take vacations, ask for lunch breaks, or clock out at 4:59PM. When working with promotional products, you pay a one-time cost, and then sit back and let them do the heavy lifting.

UK_flag_bulletThey are consistent in their message.  Promotional products don’t run the risk of doing or saying the wrong thing! You decide which product best advertises your company and exactly what to print on it, so the message is set in stone by the people who know best.

Brazil_flag_bulletThey are equal-opportunity influencers.  Promotional products appeal to people who like free things. In other words: everyone! And if your giveaway is something that can be carried or worn outdoors, such as jackets, tote bags, umbrellas, or hats, your message gets spread to everyone who encounters it.

Australia_flag_bulletThey won’t become embroiled in scandal.  Promotional products won’t get caught cheating on their spouse, stealing from a charity, or driving while intoxicated. When you use promotional products to represent your business, the focus stays on the message, rather than the person spreading it.

US_flag_bulletThey won’t quit or find a new job.  Promotional products are happy to work long hours, and keep doing their job for years after they leave your hands and enter the homes of your target audience. In fact, a recent study found that 27% of people keep a promotional product for 1-2 years, while 21% keep it for more than four years.  Now that’s job security!

As you can see, promotional products are the most effective, and low-risk way to spread your message and endorse your business or company.  To find your next brand ambassador, contact A Creative Touch today!

The 7 Deadly Sins When Ordering Promotional Products

Seven Deadly Sins of Promotional ProductsMost of us are familiar with the seven deadly sins, a handy list of deeds that are pretty much unforgivable. Wrath, greed, sloth, pride, lust, envy, and gluttony—those are the extracurricular activities that will get you in big trouble, whether we’re talking religion, law, or every day family life.

You might think the world of promotional products is safe from such evils, but it’s not. There’s a dark side to even the brightest things, and those seven deadly sins can also be committed through promotional products. With Halloween right around the corner, the time to be vigilant is now. Good thing A Creative Touch is here to keep you on the straight and narrow!

1.  Wrath:  If you invested time and money into a promotional product that no one wants, it’s easy to get angry and plot your revenge, but there’s a better way to deal with this kind of set back. Calm down, take a deep breath, and figure out what went wrong. Maybe you ordered a promotional product that didn’t fit your target market. For example, buying t-shirts in a standard men’s cut if you’re promoting a new line of make-up probably isn’t the best choice.  To avoid wrath, the best strategy is to start with a promotional products expert like Renée, at A Creative Touch, who has the knowledge to steer you in the right direction.   Renée has obtained the highest professional designations of Certified Advertising Specialist (CAS),  MAS (Master Advertising Specialist), MASI (Master of Advertising Specialty Information), and ​MAS+ (Master Advertising Specialist Plus). Less than 3% of people in the promotional products industry have just one of these certifications, and she has them all!

2.  Greed:  It can be tempting to cut corners in order to keep prices down. While shopping smart is a good idea, don’t let your love for savings get the best of you. Purchasing cheap promotional products is a surefire way to send the wrong message about your business or organization. Potential clients should associate you with quality service and merchandise, and that starts with quality promotional products. Spend a little extra now and the payoff will be worth it.  At A Creative Touch, we take quality very seriously.  If a product doesn’t pass our stringent quality control standards, we won’t recommend it!

3.  Sloth:  You place a large order for a promotional product, only to realize when the items arrive that your website is misspelled, your phone number is wrong, and your logo’s color is three shades too dark. All these mistakes are easy to avoid if your promotional products specialist and you work closely together as a team.  Communication is paramount.  So is double-checking and triple-checking final proofs–it pays to take the time to proofread. Don’t let sloth get the best of you—triple check everything, and your life will be much easier.

4.  Pride:  If you resist innovation and creativity, preferring to keep things as they are, you may be a victim of pride.  If you’ve been giving away the same promotional product for the last twenty years, we’ve got news for you: it’s time to change things up. Don’t be afraid to think outside the box, and don’t fall into the trap of assuming your products are perfect as is. You can always improve, and A Creative Touch can show you how.

5.  Lust:  When you first get a new promotional product, you might be so excited that you end up handing it out freely to every single person you meet. While this is generous, it’s not the most effective use of your promotional products. Instead of trying to woo the whole world, focus on two groups of people—current customers you hope will come again, and non-customers who may do business with you in the future. By targeting a selective group instead of lusting after every single prospect, your goods will be more appreciated and your promotional product advertising dollars will go further.

6.  Envy:  While we encourage people to get creative with the types of promotional products they purchase, there is a limit to how many trends you can chase. While you might see another company using a promotional product and feel a flash of jealousy, don’t view it as a sign that you should rush out and buy that exact same thing. Remember: just because it works for someone else doesn’t mean it will work for you. Resist turning green with envy, and stay true to your vision.

7.  Gluttony:  Some people fall into the trap of believing that more is better. They want to order in bulk every single time, and end up with more promotional products than they need. Sound familiar? If so, try focusing on quality rather than quantity. You may find that in some cases, a small number of high-end promotional products offer better value, in more ways than one!

To avoid these and other unspeakable sins, embrace the forces of good promotional products service and call A Creative Touch today.


9 Myths about Promotional Products: Busted! Part II

In our last post, we busted a few of the most common myths about promotional products floating around. We explained how promotional products are more than just pens, better than commercials and not always sold in bulk.  We also covered how promotional products add value to the lives of your customers and clients, and why they are well worth the investment. We thought it was important to lay these rumors to rest once and for all, since such myths might discourage someone from using promotional products and benefiting from all they offer.

Today, we’re back in the ring with round two of our series, ready and raring to get back to busting. Let’s get started!

ACT 6Promotional products won’t work for my business.

I’m really not sure where this myth came from, but in my opinion it’s one of the saddest. Promotional products are proven to be effective, useful, and just plain fun. They get your name out in the world and into the hands of the people you most want to reach. They’re used by every kind of business, from car washes to cell phone companies to veteran volunteer organizations to libraries and schools.

Why wouldn’t your customers want a free item? What volunteer would turn down a thank you gift? Who would say “thanks, but no thanks” to a cool and creative incentive? No matter what you do or who you serve, the right promotional product for you and your business is out there somewhere. (Spoiler alert: it’s in our catalog, and we’re happy to help you find it!)

ACT 7Promotional products are too expensive.

If you choose the right promotional product, your audience will use it again and again. Each time they use it, they’ll see your logo, your name, and your website. Meanwhile, those same people will turn the dial on a radio ad, drive blindly past a billboard, and TiVo past commercials, avoiding those messages however they can.  Promotional products are cheaper per impression than television, national magazine, and newspaper advertising. While they aren’t completely free (nothing in life is, unless you’re on the receiving end of a promotional product!), as far as investments go, they can’t be beat.

ACT 8There’s no way to know if promotional products are actually working.

Just because you can’t see people using the amazing promotional products you’re handing out, doesn’t mean they aren’t appreciated. If you want to make sure your investment is paying off, include a “call-to-action”. Print a request or invitation directly on your promotional product, and give your customers something in return. “Wear this t-shirt for a 10% discount,” or “get a free dessert if you mention the secret password!”

At my favorite coffee shop, I get free in-house refills as long as I bring in my reusable mug with the shop’s logo printed on the side. You better believe I never leave it at home!

ACT 9All promotional product companies are the same.

There’s a reason I’m known as the Queen of Promotional Products. When it comes to finding the right product for your business or company, we give you the royal treatment. That includes a team of graphic designers to create eye-catching creative products, low minimums for orders, the best research software in the industry, and a reputation for high quality products and excellent customer service. At A Creative Touch, we make sure you get exactly what you deserve: the very best.

I hope you had as much fun busting these myths as I did. As my Mama Ruby used to say, “honesty is the best policy.”  Promotional products are the best way to spread your message, and that’s the truth!

9 Myths About Promotional Products: Busted! Part I

Some myths, like Santa Claus and the Tooth Fairy, are harmless. Others, like mixing pop rocks and Coca Cola, are just plain weird.  Then, there are the myths about promotional products. At A Creative Touch, we’ve heard them all, and mostly, we just roll our eyes. But we worry sometimes that the businesses, companies, and volunteer organizations who benefit most from promotional products will be fooled by these urban legends. Even worse, we fear they’ll miss out on a wonderful and effective way to get their name and their message into the world. To make sure that doesn’t happen, we’ve put together a two-part series that sets the record straight about the nine most common promotional product myths. Ready, set, bust!

3d figuresPromotional products are nothing but pens, t-shirts, and tote bags.

While pens, t-shirts, and tote bags are popular for a reason, these products barely scratch the surface of what’s available. From laptop bags to backyard games to electronics, the world of promotional products is a little like the universe – endless, impressive, and full of stars. If you don’t believe me, check out A Creative Touch’s catalog – it contains over 850,000 items, and we’re constantly adding new products. I guarantee you’ll find something there that you’ve never seen before.

Reason 2Mainstream media is more effective.

I like to refer to this as “the Super Bowl effect.” Every year, viewers seem to get more excited about the game’s commercials than the halftime show. This, however, is a unique situation. I mean, can you think of any other time when people look forward to a commercial break? Most of the time, we use those minutes to refill our popcorn bowl or run to the restroom. Commercials are becoming less popular because they feel like an intrusion. Promotional products, on the other hand, are a free gift that’s actually useful. They feel personal, and allow you to form a direct connection with your audience. What commercial can claim that?

3rd ReasonPromotional products are only sold in bulk, and I don’t need 1,000 items.

While some promotional product companies have minimums that feel more like maximums, A Creative Touch does things differently. We know that promotional products are the right way to advertise every company, no matter how big. We love working with all businesses and organizations- large and small alike, and we understand the need for smaller minimum orders. We don’t just give you what you want; we also give you what you need.

People don’t use promotional products.

As I write this post at my computer, within arm’s reach, I can see at least four promotional products: a pen from my dentist’s office, a book of post-it notes from a charity I support, a paperweight from the bank, and a notebook carrying the logo of a local garden center. And that’s just in my office! Do a search through your own home right now. Go ahead, I can wait. Are you back? How many promotional products did you find? At least three, I’m sure. The truth is that people love free stuff, and when that free stuff is also useful, they’re guaranteed to keep it around.

ACT 5Cheaper is always better.

The myth we just busted – that people don’t use promotional products – is only a myth if those promotional products are useful, relevant, and made to last. The products you give to customers and clients are a reflection of you and your business. Do you want to give the impression that you’re cheap, flimsy, and unreliable? I didn’t think so. Spend a few extra dollars and show them your worth. It doesn’t take much, especially at A Creative Touch; we’re proud to carry quality products at every price range.

Stay tuned for part two of our series, where we’ll bust even more myths, including the idea that promotional products aren’t a good fit for your business. Until then, remember: you can’t believe everything you read (unless it’s printed on a promotional product, of course!).


Capture Perfect Selfies with Remote-Controlled Promotional Products

ACT Selfie ProductIf you follow A Creative Touch on Facebook, you’re probably used to seeing photos my friends and I doing fun and silly things. Whether we’re posting as Charlie’s Angels, going out to dinner, or snapping a photo with a celebrity (we recently ran into John Ratzenberger, better know as Cliff on Cheers!) sharing these moments is a natural part of life in the age of social media and smartphones.

Even though we all take them, these photos, best know as “selfies,” get a lot of flack. People have called the practice of photographing yourself and posting in on the Internet everything from narcissistic to a sign of the apocalypse. Google recently reported that all together, people are publishing 93 million selfies a day, which I’ll admit does seem a bit like an epidemic.

The truth, however, is more complicated than that. Selfies have actually been around for centuries. Before technology gave us smartphones, these images were captured the old-fashioned way – with oil paints and canvas. After all, “selfie” is short for “self-portrait,” and self-portraits are some of the most beautiful and lasting pieces of artwork we have. I say if it’s good enough for Van Gogh, it’s good enough for me!

Selfies also play an important role in our modern lives, where we’re practically chained to our computers and constantly plugged in to social media. Personally, I think all those selfies are great, and that they actually make the long days at our desks go by a little faster. Think about it – how often do you scroll through your Facebook feed and pause to smile at an old friend looking back at you? How precious is a grandchild’s selfie, texted straight to your phone? People are going to share photos no matter what. Would you rather look at what your loved ones had for dinner? The 15th sunset of the day? Or their smiling faces? For me, food is for eating and I can see the sunset from my own window. When it comes to photographs, I’d much rather see those smiles.

Like any art form, selfies have come a long way. As camera phones get more high tech and new filters are invented every day, it’s getting easier to take a great photo, worthy of dozens of likes and retweets. At A Creative Touch, we understand the desire to put your best selfie forward, which is why we’re now carrying some hot new devices to help you get the perfect shot.

Self Made (SR01)
One of the trademarks of a selfie is your own oversized arm, stretched out and taking up a good third of the photo as you try to get a flattering angle. With this wireless selfie clicker, you can keep your arm out of the shot, leaving more room for your lovely face. Just mount your camera up to 30 feet away from you and hit the clicker in your hand. Thanks to the power of Bluetooth, your selfie will be captured instantly.

Selfie Remote (SR02)
Like the Self Made, this remote allows you take photos without asking for assistance. It’s slim and lightweight, which makes it great for travel. Want to get your photo with Mount Rushmore in the background? Need a vacation shot that actually shows the white sand beach behind you? If so, then this is the remote for you!

The Groupie (SR03)
Remember last year’s Oscars, when Ellen DeGeneres took a star-studded selfie with a bunch of A-list celebrities? It was so popular that Samsung reportedly offered to buy the photo for almost $1 billion dollars. While your group shots might not be worth that much to the rest of the world, capturing a great photo of your loved ones is priceless in its own way. This remote lets you get those shots without leaving anyone out. And since the remote hooks to your keychain, it’s always within reach.

What are you waiting for? Order one of these great promotional products and join the selfie revolution today!



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