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Category: Campaign Lapel Pins

Elephant and Donkey Promotional Products Want Your Vote!

act-elephants-and-donkeysYou don’t have to be a nature enthusiast to wonder why unusual animals symbolize America’s two major political parties. Over the years, the donkey and the elephant have become the accepted symbols of the Democratic and Republican parties. Some Democrats might joke about the elephant being slow and conservative, but the Republicans think it is dignified and intelligent. On the other hand, some Republicans might regard the donkey as ungainly and ornery, but the Democrats claim it is humble and courageous.

According to the Washington Post, it was famed 1870s newspaper cartoonist Thomas Nast -the man also responsible for sketching Santa Claus with a generous stomach- who associated each party with its respective animal.  Although the Democrats have never officially adopted the donkey as a party symbol, they have used various donkey designs on publications and promotional products over the years. The Republicans have actually adopted the elephant as their official symbol.  They use the design widely in promotional products. To honor the role of each animal in its party’s history, here are some promotional products for your next political shindig:

act-plush-bank-elephantHere’s an adorable elephant, perfect for the kid in your life, or the “big kids” helping out with your campaign.  It doubles as a bank, making it the perfect ‘thank you’ for campaign contributions.  We have an array of family-friendly promotional products for this election cycle. Why not giveaway a stuffed animal at your next political fundraiser?

Looking for a promotional product that is a tad more traditional? At ACT, we can customize donkey or elephant shaped-signs and placards for your next candidate fundraiser or rally.

act-democrat-party-packWill you be on the edge of your seat on election night? Try our donkey and elephant-shaped stress toys! These cute little squeezables are sure to brighten your mood and can be customized, too.  Throwing a large party? Go for a complete party pack like this one:

Did you know that A Creative Touch has more than 500 elephant and donkey-themed promotional products to choose from and that we can customize many of our items to your exact specifications? If you’re looking to celebrate this election cycle, contact us for your promotional product needs!

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Political Promotional Products Win Big!

act-political-campaign-buttonsDo you remember “I LIKE IKE”? Ever since the catchy Eisenhower button debuted in the 1950s, political campaign items have become “must have” promotional products, widely known in our pop culture.  For the 1984 election cycle, Ronald Reagan and George Bush chose buttons with the re-election slogan “Keep America Great.” More recent elections have popularized products emblazoned with official campaign images, like Shepard Fairey’s famous  “Hope” poster from the 2008 Obama campaign, which was later purchased by the Smithsonian museum.

However, today’s campaigns aren’t limited to simple buttons, signs, and posters.  Instead, the variety of campaign promotional products available is endless. Candidates and their teams can chose from an assortment of items that voters can use on an everyday basis. These items can include mugs, keychains, lanyards, magnets, and cups, just to name a few possibilities. Popular wearable campaign items come in a variety of forms, too, including hats, buttons, sweatshirts, and t-shirts, designed to let everyone know who the wearer supports, regardless of whether you’re running for mayor or PTA president. Along with the classic bumper stickers and yard signs, voters can pledge their allegiance to a candidate in more unconventional ways, with promotional products like teddy bears, foam fingers, and balloons.  If you are organizing a campaign, these images may be the way that voters remember your candidacy.

In fact, decades after their release, some campaign promotional products-everything from commemorative coins to posters-are still popular and valuable collector’s memorabilia.  One organization, American Political Items Collectors, works with many presidential museums to exhibit remarkable or rare campaign items. Hobbyists and collectors often chose to build collections based on their favorite historical figure, state, or campaign. One collector purchased a single 1924 button depicting candidates John Davis and Charles Bryan for a record $150,000 in 2000.

Collectors’ interests range from famous figures like President Lincoln to lesser-known candidates like Davis and Bryan, as well as historic movements like Prohibition or Women’s Suffrage. Present-day candidates and aspiring officeholders are wise to think about creating visually appealing promotional products that will stand the test of time and become collector’s items for our future generations. Taking care in choosing the best image for your promotional products is an important part of every election campaign, whether you’re running for national office or campaigning to be your organization’s treasurer.

At A Creative Touch, we focus on the kind of quality service and promotional product delivery that will make your campaign stand out from the crowd.

How to Make a Lapel Pin

Ever wonder how custom lapel pins are made?  You’ll be surprised at all of the work (much of it done by hand!) that goes into making these miniature pieces of wearable art….


20 Reasons for Lapel Pins

Flag lapel pinI love lapel pins because they an unobtrusive and tasteful way to make a statement about your beliefs, affiliations, and values.

These hard-working little metal billboards are one of the most low-cost, yet effective ways to deliver a message. They’re also excellent conversation starters, instant builders of camaraderie, and strong visual messages.  Looking for a reason to wear a lapel pin? I’ve got plenty for you.

You can wear a lapel pin to:

20. Dress Up or Decorate Your Lapel
19. Brag About Receiving Special Employee Recognition or a Prestigious Award
18. Identify Your Membership in a Fraternity or a Sorority
17. Demonstrate Your Affiliation with a Professional Organization
16. Support a Charity or a Cause
15. Cheer for a Sports Team
14. Show Your Holiday Spirit
13. Commemorate an Anniversary
12. Celebrate Your First Parachute Jump, Kayaking Adventure, or Yoga Retreat
11. Show That You’ve Joined a Club
10. Break the Ice at a Networking Event
9. Promote Your Business
8. Create Awareness About Breast Cancer, AIDS, Autism, etc.
7. Prove That You’ve Been to a Museum, the Hard Rock Café, Disneyworld, etc.
6. Encourage Pin Collectors and Traders to Trade with You
5. Promote a Sale, a Special Promotion, or an Upcoming Event
4. Identify Yourself as a Conference or Trade Show Attendee
3. Show Your Loyalty to a Branch of the Military or a Civic Organization
2 Advertise Your Interests, Hobbies, and Beliefs
1. Show Your Patriotism

So what are you waiting for? Give me a call and we’ll help you design your own personal lapel pin billboard today!

Tell us all about your special lapel pin story! Fill in our Online Form or print out a Paper Form and mail it to us.

Click here to email your lapel pin photo.

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