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Category: Culture

50 Ways to Leave Your Promotional Products Behind

ACT 50 Ways to Leave Your Promotional Products BehindSome songs become more than just songs; they become legends.  The other day I heard Paul Simon’s  “50 Ways to Leave Your Lover” on the radio.  It’s still as fresh and fun as it was when it topped the charts in 1976.  Simon’s catchy hit got stuck in my head for days and for good reason.  Although you might not think so, it actually has a lot to do with promotional products.  Allow me to explain:

Some people leave their lovers when they don’t love them anymore.  But leave a promotional product behind, and you’ll garner long-lasting love for your brand or your company.  Just like leaving “lovers”, there are at least  fifty ways to leave a promotional product behind.  That’s the whole point of promotional products, after all. If you keep them to yourself, they won’t do you any good. But the more you share them, find ways to give them away, and make it fun—for you, and for your customers, employees, volunteers, and friends—the more effective they are. Leaving your promotional products behind is actually the best thing you can do for them!

The music industry rewards musicians by tracking statistics–songs and albums sold.  Every time a sale is made, whether it be in a store or online,  it gets recorded. That recorded data determines the Billboard charts.  The promotional products industry also tracks results to determine its own gold and platinum products.

In 2009, Promotional Products Association International(PPAI) polled a group of more than one thousand consumers who remembered receiving a promotional product within the past two years.  Those who did not remember receiving anything within that time period were screened out of the sample, leaving 44% of the initial survey group.  Of this group, the results were astounding:

  • 94% of participants could recall a specific promotional product they had received in the past 24 months.
  • The majority of them—89%—also remembered the advertiser represented by the item.
  • 83% said they enjoyed getting promotional products.
  • 48% wish they received promotional products more often.
  • 69% typically keep the promotional products they receive.

And so, in honor of Paul Simon’s classic, here’s the latest hit from A Creative Touch. I call this masterpiece, “50 Ways to Leave Your Promotional Product.” But be careful—it’ll be stuck in your head for days.

You just slip into a shirt, Bert.

Make a new decal, Sal.

You need a mint tin, Jim.

Just give it away for free.

Hop into these sandals, Randal.

You need a beer mug, Doug.

Just drop off the hat, Matt.

And give it away for free.

You grab a tote bag, Dag.

Get a neoprene sleeve, Steve.

You need a book light, Dwight.

Just give it away for free.

Use a hot pad, Chad.

You need a golf ball, Saul.

Just drop off the candy, Sandy.

You could use a nice pen, Sven.

Take a rubber duck, Chuck.

You need a server for pie, Ty.

Just give it away for free.

How about a dancing flower, Bowser?

You need a key chain, Blaine.

Just drop off the clock, Doc.

You just slip into pom poms, Tom.

Customize a pin, Tim.

You need tools for the grill, Phil.

Just give it away for free.

Hop into a pet bed, Ted.

You need some wind up teeth, Keith.

Just drop off dog toys, Roy.

You slip into boxer shorts, Court.

Make a bobble head, Fred.

You need a pillow case, Trace.

Just give it away for free.

Grab this umbrella, Fella.

You need a chip clip, Trip.

A drop of hand sanitizer spray, Gray?

You just slip them a nail file, Kyle.

Get a charging hub, Bub.

You need a power bank, Frank.

Plant these flower seeds, Reid.

You need a beer mug, Doug.

Just drop off the hat, Matt.

You slip into a necktie, Guy.

Get a corkscrew, Stew.

You need a pullover, Rover.

Just give it away for free.

Try out a coaster set, Chet.

You need a backpack, Jack.

This apron is great, Nate.

And give it away for free!

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The Value of Offline Marketing in an Online World

ACT OnlineWhen it comes to promotional products, you might be tempted to pass them by, opting instead for advertising on the web, running a Facebook promotion, or emailing your customers and clients limited-time-only coupon codes.

While these can all be fine ways to advertise your business or organization, there’s another option that carries a little more weight and has a bit more meaning. It involves turning off your computer, stepping away from your desk, and going out into the real world. Don’t worry, you don’t have to do this alone—not when you have your very own, real live, three-dimensional promotional products to help you out.

I know what you’re thinking—turn off my computer? Are you crazy? Nope, not crazy. Smart. You see, I’ve been in the business long enough to recognize when the tides are turning, and in the world of promotional products, that moment has arrived.

The Problem with Fast Food and Facebook

If you want an example of what I’m talking about, look no further than your dinner plate. For years, manufacturers were selling the idea that food should be fast, cheap, and easy. Drive-thru restaurants flourished, and the microwave was the most used appliance in the house. Eventually, however, people got tired of instant meals, and began to crave the suppers of their childhood. This led to the birth of the “slow food movement,” and the return to a more nourishing approach to meals.

Need another example? Think of the way your Facebook wall blows up on your birthday, with everyone from your dentist to your high school nemesis wishing you a great year—or, even worse, a “HBD”, the annoying acronym for Happy Birthday (how lazy can one be???).  Compare that to the feeling you get when you open your mailbox and find a handwritten card or a letter from a loved one. That one piece of mail, humble as it may be, is more meaningful than a thousand messages on your Facebook wall.

Promotional products are a lot like a Sunday pot roast and a piece of mail. In a world where everyone else is putting their energy online, making the effort to go offline will set you apart from the pack in a way that clients and customers will appreciate.

The Numbers Don’t Lie

ACT Offline MarketingI may be The Queen of Promotional Products, but don’t just take my word for it—ask the experts, and they’ll agree. According to a recent study conducted by PPAI, a promotional product industry trade association, only 44% of the average American consumers interviewed reported receiving a promotional product in the last two years. Yet 90% of those people who had been given a promotional product still had it. 83% of the respondents said they’d like to receive a promotional product with an adverting message, and 48% wanted to receive these products more often. I say we need to give the people what they want, and what the people want is, quite clearly, more promotional products!

The Moral of the Story

The lesson here is actually quite simple. In our rush to adopt the newest technologies, download the latest social media apps, and invest in websites with all the bells and whistles, it’s easy to lose sight of what really matters. While I love promotional products because of they’re so effective (even a promotional product that’s only used once a week is seen 52 times a year!), the magic of promotional products is the fact that they’re real, solid, and tangible. They ask us to face one another, rather than hide behind computer screens and avatars. They give us an excuse to shake hands, have a conversation, send ‘snail mail’ or put a face to the name. It’s a feeling people are craving, especially after so many years of living in a “virtual reality.” When they finally step away from the computer and pick up a pen to write a letter, or head to the kitchen to cook a meal, your promotional products will be ready and waiting for them. That’s a good place to be, and a great place to promote your company.



Capture Perfect Selfies with Remote-Controlled Promotional Products

ACT Selfie ProductIf you follow A Creative Touch on Facebook, you’re probably used to seeing photos my friends and I doing fun and silly things. Whether we’re posting as Charlie’s Angels, going out to dinner, or snapping a photo with a celebrity (we recently ran into John Ratzenberger, better know as Cliff on Cheers!) sharing these moments is a natural part of life in the age of social media and smartphones.

Even though we all take them, these photos, best know as “selfies,” get a lot of flack. People have called the practice of photographing yourself and posting in on the Internet everything from narcissistic to a sign of the apocalypse. Google recently reported that all together, people are publishing 93 million selfies a day, which I’ll admit does seem a bit like an epidemic.

The truth, however, is more complicated than that. Selfies have actually been around for centuries. Before technology gave us smartphones, these images were captured the old-fashioned way – with oil paints and canvas. After all, “selfie” is short for “self-portrait,” and self-portraits are some of the most beautiful and lasting pieces of artwork we have. I say if it’s good enough for Van Gogh, it’s good enough for me!

Selfies also play an important role in our modern lives, where we’re practically chained to our computers and constantly plugged in to social media. Personally, I think all those selfies are great, and that they actually make the long days at our desks go by a little faster. Think about it – how often do you scroll through your Facebook feed and pause to smile at an old friend looking back at you? How precious is a grandchild’s selfie, texted straight to your phone? People are going to share photos no matter what. Would you rather look at what your loved ones had for dinner? The 15th sunset of the day? Or their smiling faces? For me, food is for eating and I can see the sunset from my own window. When it comes to photographs, I’d much rather see those smiles.

Like any art form, selfies have come a long way. As camera phones get more high tech and new filters are invented every day, it’s getting easier to take a great photo, worthy of dozens of likes and retweets. At A Creative Touch, we understand the desire to put your best selfie forward, which is why we’re now carrying some hot new devices to help you get the perfect shot.

Self Made (SR01)
One of the trademarks of a selfie is your own oversized arm, stretched out and taking up a good third of the photo as you try to get a flattering angle. With this wireless selfie clicker, you can keep your arm out of the shot, leaving more room for your lovely face. Just mount your camera up to 30 feet away from you and hit the clicker in your hand. Thanks to the power of Bluetooth, your selfie will be captured instantly.

Selfie Remote (SR02)
Like the Self Made, this remote allows you take photos without asking for assistance. It’s slim and lightweight, which makes it great for travel. Want to get your photo with Mount Rushmore in the background? Need a vacation shot that actually shows the white sand beach behind you? If so, then this is the remote for you!

The Groupie (SR03)
Remember last year’s Oscars, when Ellen DeGeneres took a star-studded selfie with a bunch of A-list celebrities? It was so popular that Samsung reportedly offered to buy the photo for almost $1 billion dollars. While your group shots might not be worth that much to the rest of the world, capturing a great photo of your loved ones is priceless in its own way. This remote lets you get those shots without leaving anyone out. And since the remote hooks to your keychain, it’s always within reach.

What are you waiting for? Order one of these great promotional products and join the selfie revolution today!



The Long Life of Promotional Products

Masses of CandlesAs an industry expert, I know all about the long life of promotional products, but when I stumbled across this New York Times article, The Surprising Power of Promotional Products, I was delighted to read the author’s account of a very unique promotional product that made it 40+ years without ever seeing a trash bin.

When I was growing up, my grandma Ruby used to tell me, “The best things in life are free.” The older I get, the more I realize how right she was – and how this simple saying is just as powerful when applied to business practices. Giving something away is one of the best ways to advertise your organization or business, and not just because people like free things. It’s because the long life of promotional products ensures that your message will stay with your audience for weeks, months, and even years to come!

Use Them or Lose Them
Countless studies have found that the #1 reason people keep promotional products is because they use them. Whether it’s a pen for jotting down their grocery list, a paperweight that sits on their desk, or a cooler they carry to the beach, these products prove an important point – that your business, organization, or company provides a useful service that will make their lives easier, just like that pencil or cooler!

In other words, use promotional products to advertise your business or lose out on a valuable way to make your organization a great part of your customer’s lives; the choice is yours!

Make the Right Impression
Not only will the right promotional product make your customers feel more positive about your organization, it will also promote your organization on your behalf.
When customers, prospects, employees or volunteers take that tote bag to the library or the grocery store, other people will see it. When they wear that t-shirt to the YMCA, their workout buddies will notice. For some truly impressive stats, check out the average number of times the following promotional products are seen in just one month:

• Bags: 1,078 impressions
• Caps and hats: 443 impressions
• Writing instruments: 437 impressions
• Shirts: 344 impressions
• Calendars: 344 impressions
• Electronics: 278 impressions

Portrait of George WashingtonA Long History, A Bright Future
Promotional products in the USA have a long history. In fact, the very first promotional product is credited to none other than George Washington. During the 1789 election, he had commemorative buttons made and handed them out to voters. After he won the presidency, promotional items like almanacs and calendars slowly began to appear.

Today, we still offer buttons, almanacs, and calendars, but the world of promotional products has grown in ways that George Washington could have never imagined. From cell phone charger kits to power banks to flash drives to smart phone wallets, there is truly something for everyone. (As George would say, “I cannot tell a lie!) What you choose to use to spread your name is up to you, but don’t worry- our team at A Creative Touch will help you select the best product for your needs from our catalog of more than 850,000 items.

In the New York Times article referenced above, author MP Mueller cites an example of veterans groups see an increase in donations thanks to promotional products:

A well-known veterans’ nonprofit group, the Disabled American Veterans, is a case in point. When the group sends a mailing for contributions, Dr. Cialdini said, it gets an 18-percent response rate. When the same letter is sent with personalized address labels, which cost about eight cents, the response rate goes up to 35 percent. “For the cost of the address labels they get almost a doubling of return,” he said. “It’s very powerful rule and very small things can trigger it.”

40 years of longevity for one promotional product? 35 percent increase in contributions? 1078 impressions per month for a $3.00 tote bag? Those are healthy statistics that explain the power and the longevity of promotional products, and why they are the best way to spend your advertising dollars!


A Day in the Life of Promotional Products with Polly Promo

Promotional products are more than an excuse to get your business’s name and logo into the hands of your customers. They’re also an integral part of our everyday lives. From our morning cup of Joe to a day at the office to unwinding after work, the right promotional product can make someone’s life more organized, more inspired, and more FUN.

Today we’re going to follow our friend Polly Promo as she goes through a typical Tuesday, paying special attention to how some of our favorite promotional products help her through her day. Let’s get started!

ACT_mugRise and shine! Like most of us, Polly starts her day with a cup of coffee – two sugars and a drop of cream, sipped while sitting on her back porch. Her favorite coffee cup is her chalk mug (Item #PUBNI-JNIMQ), and each morning she circles the face that best fits her mood. Today, she’s all smiles.

Morning commute. Polly works in an office downtown. Before she heads out the door, she slides her laptop into a protective neoprene sleeve (Item #RADIG-JKEAI) to keep it safe on her journey. When she arrives at her desk a half an hour later, her laptop looks as good as Polly feels.

Lunch. Polly decides to go out to lunch with some of her co-workers. They’ve been working on a big project and everyone needs a break. At the restaurant they joke and laugh, and Polly is glad to be a part of such a fun team. After lunch she pops into the bathroom to freshen up before heading back to her desk. Her Clearly Pink Cosmetic Purse (Item #AYDJJ-GUOPT) makes it easy to reapply her lipstick and put an extra bobby pin in her hair.

ACT_gymDaily exercise. After work Polly heads straight for the gym – she knows if she goes home first, she’ll never get off the couch. Luckily she packed her workout clothes in her handy duffle bag (Item #OVEJH-IWUNJ) before leaving the house. After thirty minutes on the elliptical while flipping through the latest issue of People magazine, she feels recharged and ready to relax.

Dinner and drinks. While a casserole bakes in the oven, Polly pours herself a glass of Pinot Noir in a chic stemless glass (Item #QTEJG-GHTXQ). She tells her friends that she drinks a nightly glass of red wine for the health benefits, but deep down she knows it’s her reward at the end of a long day. She’s earned it!

Time for bed. Polly crawls into bed and turns off her light. She isn’t ready to sleep, so she opens the novel she’s reading and clips on her book light (Item #XXELJ-ITVOR). The white LED light illuminates the page perfectly, and Polly loses herself in the story until she feels herself drifting off. As she shuts off her light and closes her eyes, she feels grateful for a peaceful and productive life, made easier by the many promotional products that help her get through each day.

Promotional Products with Flower Power!

After a long, cold winter, warmer weather is finally here, and with it nature’s bright bouquets that signal spring’s arrival. Spring also brings a slew of holidays, kicking things off with one of our favorite flower power affairs: Mother’s Day!

Flowers are one of the most beloved and traditional Mother’s Day gifts – in fact, 70% of all mothers will receive flowers as a gift this May 11th, and consumers will spend a total of 1.9 billion dollars on pretty arrangements. While a bouquet of tulips, a handful of daisies, or a pocket full of posies makes a beautiful and thoughtful gift for mom, flowers are also a great way to show your appreciation to any of the many important people in your life, such as volunteers and employees. At A Creative Touch, we have a number of floral-themed promotional products that will remain useful and beautiful long after those vases of flowers have begun to wilt.

ACT Dancing FlowersDancing Solar-Powered Flowers

Your employees and volunteers spend long hours at their desks, working week after week to make your organization better. Why not bring a little bit of the outdoors inside with these adorable dancing flowers? Powered by sunshine, these cheeky sprouts will delight office workers everywhere as they gently sway in their colorful pots.

 Jumbo Silk Flower Lei Assortment (12 Pack)

You’d love to give your mother the ultimate gift – a trip to Hawaii, where she could relax, renew, and recharge on the sandy shores of paradise. Unfortunately, paradise isn’t exactly in your budget. Instead, why not bring a little Hawaii home? Get her beach-worthy toes with a gift certificate for a pedicure, brew a pot of delicious Kona coffee, and drape one of these fun and colorful silk leis around her neck. She’ll be dancing the hula in no time!

Flower Pot Plant-a-Shape Bookmark

ACT Flower PenThere’s nothing more relaxing than curling up with a cup of tea and a good book. Honor this time worn tradition—along with your volunteers, employees, and loved ones—with a beautifully designed bookmark. And when you’ve finished the book, you can keep enjoying this unique bookmark by planting it in your garden! It comes embedded with seeds, and will grow a variety of wildflowers you can enjoy all season long.

Flower Bend-a-Pen

This pen is sure to bring a smile to anyone’s face.  It’s a great for a mother writing a grocery list, an employee checking in volunteers for a big event, or a fun-loving CEO headed to her next meeting, . With its bendable body and arms, and feet that double as a stand and cap, it’s a master at multitasking.

Whether you’re celebrating mom or thanking the many employees and volunteers that have helped nurture your organization, these floral themed products are a great way to say thanks and put a little “spring” in their steps!

A Heartwarming Story About Promotional Products

A Creative Touch Brings Warmth and a Pastor Brings “Sunshine,” Creating a Heartwarming Story in the Midst of the Atlanta Snow Jam

If you watch the news or read the papers, you know about the thousands of motorists in Atlanta, GA who were stranded during this winter’s “Snow Jam.” But what you don’t know is that a promotional product from A Creative Touch and a generous pastor “saved the day” for one thankful veteran:

act-blanket-captionOn the afternoon of January 28, 2014, Jacqueline Anderson, a 22-year Army veteran and a volunteer for an A Creative Touch client, joined the thousands of other motorists trying to get home before the storm settled in. In addition to typical traffic congestion, icy conditions were causing widespread accidents that further exacerbated the problem. Jacqueline made it as far as the Atlanta suburb of Smyrna before her plans for the evening abruptly changed. As she crested a hill and began the icy decent, she discovered to her dismay that she was headed directly into a car pileup. Unable to gain the traction necessary to steer clear of the accident, Jacqueline’s car became the fourth automobile to slide into an abandoned SUV at the bottom of the hill.

Thankfully uninjured, Jacqueline had the presence of mind to gather some items from her car before joining the growing throng of stranded motorists seeking shelter from the storm. Pastor Brian Downing, a young man in a young church, invited all who had “stuck cars” in the vicinity to come to his church, the Oakdale Church of God. Jacqueline and approximately 100 others gladly accepted his invitation.

As the storm raged outside, Pastor Downing and his wife sprang into action. They played family movies to help entertain people; hastily put together a dinner consisting of pizza, salad, and spaghetti; and even invited a young mother with an infant into their home so she and the baby would be more comfortable. Everyone else spread out either on the church floor or on pews when it was time to retire for the evening.

act-blanket-caption-2It was at this point that Jacqueline was thankful that she had thought to retrieve her A Creative Touch double-sided, gray-and-blue fleece blanket from the trunk of her car that afternoon. “It was so warm and snuggly! And everyone kept complimenting me on it,” said Jacqueline. And to think that after having stored it in her trunk for two years, she had almost taken it out a few weeks before the storm hit!

In the morning, Pastor Downing and his wife rose early to prepare and serve bacon and eggs for breakfast as everyone continued to get to know each other. What Jacqueline and the others initially perceived simply as a source of shelter had expanded into something much bigger. “There were people there of all ages, and all ethnicities from all walks of life; by the end we were all friends!” she exclaims. Indeed, she and one of her new friends have already scheduled to have lunch together this Friday, and the entire group is planning a reunion at the church next year.

Jacqueline stayed until about 2:30 pm on the 29th. Although her vehicle had sustained damage to its passenger side, it was drivable and she arrived home safely. The following week, she returned to Oakdale Church of God with paper towels, toilet tissue, trash bags, and water to replenish the church’s supplies. “I was so grateful to have a bathroom and a warm place to stay,” she says. “I view the entire experience as a blessing!”

A Creative Touch is not only proud that one of our products helped Jacqueline weather the storm, but grateful for people like Pastor Downing who cared for one of our veterans and a part of the A Creative Touch extended family. To show our appreciation, we’ll be sending a donation (and a few promotional products!) to the Oakdale Church in Smyrna.

ACT Promotional Products Trivia, Wilmington, NC

In each newsletter sent to A Creative Touch customers, I share something personal. I’ve revealed that I’m a Kentucky Colonel; I’ve shared my garden party hat at the local Azalea Festival; and I even confessed to tp’ing the football players’ cars in high school. But I bet you didn’t know these things about A Creative Touch and the Queen of Promotional Products:

  1. The Queen and Her Prince

    The Queen and Her Prince

    We can create custom products. You dream it up; we’ll design it, and we’re not just talking a stock product with your logo!

  2. At this writing, we are 12 likes away from 200 likes on Facebook – the 200th person will receive a cool promotional product from the Queen!
  3. 12 years ago, I carried the Olympic Torch for the Salt Lake City Games.
  4. I practice Feng Shui in my office.
  5. Less than 3% of people in the promotional products industry have just one certification (CAS, MAS, and MASI) and I have them all!
  6. My office chair is one of my favorite belongings (and it should be–I spend a lot of time in it).
  7. In my world, every Wednesday is Renee’s Day. On this day of the week, I get to do “whatever I want”. This usually means that I ask my Prince to take me to dinner at a place he doesn’t care for. He always comes with me and never complains!
  8. I have a vision board that I update regularly.
  9. I once won a week’s worth of free peach milkshakes at Chick-Fil-A.
  10. I’m a small town girl (from Cherrytown, population 5800) with big city tastes.
  11. Thanks to technology, we have the ability to show you how various products will look when customized with your logo, before you purchase them!
  12. In 12 years, we’ve never, ever missed a deadline (but you already knew that didn’t you?)

Before the Parade Passes By, Buy SWAG

Girl Brass BandIf you are like me, one of the highlights of your Thanksgiving might be watching the famous Macy’s Day Parade. Immortalized in 1947’s “Miracle on 34th Street,” the classic holiday film starring Natalie Wood and Maureen O’Hara, the parade is well known for its large and colorful balloons, floats, and marching bands.

Several million people line the streets during the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade in New York City, while millions of other Americans view the yearly television broadcast. Beginning in 1927, Macy’s introduced its famous balloons. Did you know that the first Macy’s balloon animal was Felix the Cat?  The man behind many of the early Macy’s balloons was a marionette maker named Tony Sarg. For balloon loving kids and other members of your family, the children’s book “Balloons Over Broadway,” explains how Sarg created those balloons.  Part of the reason the Macy’s parade is so famous today is the department store’s willingness to maintain important traditions while appealing to younger generations. Each year, for example, Macy’s unveils new characters as well as classic holiday balloons, ranging from SpongeBob to Scooby Doo.

act-pom-bamsIf your organization or company wants to emulate Macy’s by creating parade-friendly promotional items, we can help you at A Creative Touch! We have products for all your parade needs: If you want to cheer on the sidelines, look at our inventory of pom-poms, noisemakers, and even PomBams (pictured), which are noisemakers with silver pom-poms.

If you are planning an early morning parade activity, consider the hundreds of light up novelties in our collection LED lanyards to lit-up wigs, that will stand out from your float. Decorating a float? We have dozens of streamers and other supplies to help!  We even have small goody bags of candy and other items that can be tossed to parade viewers. 

A Creative Touch has  hundreds of other items that can be customized for your local festivities, including flags, glow sticks, hundreds of beads and other promotional products. Our promotional products are fantastic for all kinds of parades–everything from Thanksgiving to Mardi Gras to the 4th of July! Contact us to help you find the perfect promotion today.

Tradeshow Trick-or-Treaters

act-halloweenEvery tradeshow has them: trick-or-treaters!  We may think of trick-or-treaters as little kids seeking candy on Halloween, but if your company exhibits regularly at trade shows, public events, or expos, there are plenty of people ringing your doorbell year-round.

Not all of them are interested in your business. Instead, some visitors to your booth at tradeshows and events are potentially just looking for their version of Halloween candy-your promotional products! So, how can you tell the genuine business prospect from the customer in costume?

Here are ACT’s tips for dealing with trick-or-treaters and ensuring that you don’t leave your next trade show feeling like a friendly ghost instead of a frightened one:


1. Don’t Leave All Your Candy in That Bucket On the Porch: Resist the urge to set up a table or swag display that makes it easier for trick-or-treaters to ‘ring the bell’ and flee without showing interest in your business.
2. Learn to say ‘Boooo!': Teach your employees and booth operators to discern between actual interest and swag hunting trick-or-treaters.
3. Ask Them to Say Please Before You Hand Out That Candy Corn:  Kids aren’t the only ones who sometimes need reminders to be polite. Get potential trick-or-treaters to sign up for your email lists, listen to service presentations, or fill out data surveys before you give away those promotional products.  Remember, truly interested customers will be happy to find out more about your business.
4. Go For The Haunted House Approach: Make receiving your promotional products part of a larger journey with the rewards at the end. Ask your customers to complete a task before mailing a customized promotional product, for example. According to a recent article in ASICentral, interactive promotions are a great way of gauging actual customer interest. Barb Barchum described her experience: “Last year, we sent out 1,200 seed packages and said ‘return this empty seed packet to receive one free set-up on your next order,’ Oh my goodness, did we receive empty seed packets – I would imagine we gave away 100 or more set-ups. I would say that self-promotion worked!” Like a Haunted House operator, you might have a smaller, but ultimately more devoted, group of participants with promotions like these.

Whatever your promotional needs, A Creative Touch is here to help you survive the spooky world of trick-or-treat! And, we’re sending you best witches this Halloween!

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