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A Day in the Life of Promotional Products with Polly Promo

Promotional products are more than an excuse to get your business’s name and logo into the hands of your customers. They’re also an integral part of our everyday lives. From our morning cup of Joe to a day at the office to unwinding after work, the right promotional product can make someone’s life more organized, more inspired, and more FUN.

Today we’re going to follow our friend Polly Promo as she goes through a typical Tuesday, paying special attention to how some of our favorite promotional products help her through her day. Let’s get started!

ACT_mugRise and shine! Like most of us, Polly starts her day with a cup of coffee – two sugars and a drop of cream, sipped while sitting on her back porch. Her favorite coffee cup is her chalk mug (Item #PUBNI-JNIMQ), and each morning she circles the face that best fits her mood. Today, she’s all smiles.

Morning commute. Polly works in an office downtown. Before she heads out the door, she slides her laptop into a protective neoprene sleeve (Item #RADIG-JKEAI) to keep it safe on her journey. When she arrives at her desk a half an hour later, her laptop looks as good as Polly feels.

Lunch. Polly decides to go out to lunch with some of her co-workers. They’ve been working on a big project and everyone needs a break. At the restaurant they joke and laugh, and Polly is glad to be a part of such a fun team. After lunch she pops into the bathroom to freshen up before heading back to her desk. Her Clearly Pink Cosmetic Purse (Item #AYDJJ-GUOPT) makes it easy to reapply her lipstick and put an extra bobby pin in her hair.

ACT_gymDaily exercise. After work Polly heads straight for the gym – she knows if she goes home first, she’ll never get off the couch. Luckily she packed her workout clothes in her handy duffle bag (Item #OVEJH-IWUNJ) before leaving the house. After thirty minutes on the elliptical while flipping through the latest issue of People magazine, she feels recharged and ready to relax.

Dinner and drinks. While a casserole bakes in the oven, Polly pours herself a glass of Pinot Noir in a chic stemless glass (Item #QTEJG-GHTXQ). She tells her friends that she drinks a nightly glass of red wine for the health benefits, but deep down she knows it’s her reward at the end of a long day. She’s earned it!

Time for bed. Polly crawls into bed and turns off her light. She isn’t ready to sleep, so she opens the novel she’s reading and clips on her book light (Item #XXELJ-ITVOR). The white LED light illuminates the page perfectly, and Polly loses herself in the story until she feels herself drifting off. As she shuts off her light and closes her eyes, she feels grateful for a peaceful and productive life, made easier by the many promotional products that help her get through each day.

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Get Fired Up with Hot Promotional Products for 2014!

Summer is here, and you know what that means – it’s about to get H-O-T! Here at A Creative Touch, we’re celebrating the season with our favorite of hot promotional products for 2014. Whether you want your business to spread like wildfire, or you’re looking for a unique way to thank the employees, volunteers, and customers that make your organization sizzle, we’ve got the hot ticket items that will get the job done. Can you handle the heat? Let’s find out!

ACT Hot Sunglasses2 Tone Malibu Sunglasses

In the game of “Who’s hottest?” the sun always wins. These sunglasses will help you enjoy the outdoors, even when that ball of fire is blazing high in the sky. Featuring lenses that provide 100% UVA and UVB protection, they’re as functional as they are fun. Slide them into your bag when you’re on your way to the beach, put them on before a Sunday drive with the windows down, or wear them while drinking a pitcher of Sangria at an outdoor café. Soon enough, you’ll look even hotter than you feel.

White Jewel Collection Beach Towel

Nothing makes a statement quite like our collection of beach towels. Large, colorful, and useful, your employees and volunteers will love this 100% cotton towel. At 29” long, it’s perfect for spreading out on the beach or at the pool and anyone passing by is bound to notice your logo printed across its surface. Just think – you can soak up some rays and work on your tan, while promoting your organization at the same time. It’s the perfect way to mix business with pleasure.

Hot Pad

Some say if you can’t stand the heat, you should get out of the kitchen. With the help of this hot pad, you’ll be able to stay for dinner without losing your cool. Maybe you’re cooking up a new business plan. Maybe you’re putting out fires on each rung of the corporate ladder. Maybe you’re hosting a cookout for your best and brightest employees. Whatever the occasion, this hot pad – made from 100% cotton canvas with a heat-resistant backside – will help you get a handle on any situation.

ACT CornholeMini Bag Toss Game

Bag Toss – or cornhole, as it’s known in most places – is the official game of summer. Easy enough that a child can play, yet so addictive that the adults won’t be able to stop, it’s a fixture at barbecues, bars, and backyard bashes across the country. This mini-version is great for traveling – just throw it into your beach bag or pack it into the car, and take the party with you wherever you go.

This list is just a sample of the kind of hot-off-the-presses promotional products you’ll find at A Creative Touch. Order now, and take your marketing plan from “not” to “hot!”

Beat the Heat With Cool Promotional Products

Word on the street is it’s going to be a hot summer – here in Wilmington, NC, we reached our first 90+ degree day in early May! If this is a sign of things to come, then we’re all going to need some cool promotional products to beat the heat. Luckily, A Creative Touch has the perfect products to help you enjoy the summer months without melting into a puddle.

ACT Cold TumblerEcono 16 Oz. Double Wall Tumbler with Lid & Straw

I don’t know about you, but I’m the kind of person who can’t have enough water bottles, travel mugs, and tumblers – especially since most of mine end up in the lost and found. I’ve managed to hold on to this one, though. Maybe it’s because it’s got a double wall, keeping things colder for longer. Maybe it’s the fact that it doesn’t require a coaster. Maybe it’s the fancy straw, perfect for slurping anything from iced coffee to fruit smoothies. Whatever it is, it’s working – this tumbler is a keeper!

Budget Kooler Bag

This cooler is one of our most popular products, and with good reason. It’s the perfect size for packing a picnic in the park or keeping a six-pack cold at the beach. The front pocket is a great place to stash concert tickets or spare dollars for the ice-cream truck, and the 20” long strap makes it easy to sling it over your shoulders when you’re on the go. It’s right up there with flip-flops and sunblock as a summer must-have.

Multi-color Water Tanker with Attached Bottle

For the more mischievous organization, this water tanker makes a great giveaway. It’s perfect for playing at the beach, pool, or park, and great for backyard battles between kids and parents alike. And what could be better for office morale than a water gun fight at the company picnic? Loser buys the next round of ice-cream, and everybody wins!

ACT Icecream ScoopIce-Cream Scoop It

I feel like I keep mentioning ice-cream in this post, so now I’ll just cut to the chase. This ice-cream scoop is more than just another novelty item – it’s a necessity! Whether you’re hosting a corporate picnic or a company party, this scoop does more than serve up perfect dollops of chocolate, vanilla, and strawberry; it’ll make you feel like a kid again, and what could be cooler than that?

When you’re trying to decide how to beat the heat this summer, we hope you’ll start with A Creative Touch. In the meantime, stay cool!

Promotional Products for Past Presidents

You can tell a lot about people by what kind of promotional products they use. Are they drawn to wine glasses, or weekly planners? Are they more likely to use a beach towel, or a laptop bag? Today, we’re going to play a fun game, and imagine what promotional products some of our favorite past Presidents would choose.

ACT_KennedyOur youngest president, John F. Kennedy, was a great lover of literature, known for his elaborate anecdotes and rambling stories. He also liked to read poetry and prose, and some of his favorite authors included Winston Churchill and Ian Fleming, who wrote the James Bond novels. Kennedy would probably love to channel Bond with the help of our Three Piece Martini Set (Item # CYHIC-HNJJO ) – shaken, not stirred!

Our first President, George Washington was known for his bravery in battle and his honesty – “I cannot tell a lie,” he said, and the country believed him. A less known fact about this great man is that he loved dogs – he bred them, treated them like members of the family, and gave them unusual names, like Tarter, True Love, and Sweet Lips. A dog-lover like Washington would enjoy giving treats to his furry friends.  Our Gold Rimmed Box with Dog Bones (Item #YBKLB-ICOTD) would make a great reward for not just for a First Dog, but for any pampered pooch.

ACT_ReaganBefore he was president, Ronald Reagan had a successful career as a film and television star. His favorite acting role was as a double amputee in 1942’s Kings Row, in which he recites the line, “Where’s the rest of me?”, later used as the title of his 1965 autobiography. We’re sure Reagan would love our 4×6 Curved Filmstrip Frame (Item #AVEJF-IQNUN) for the Oval Office, to remind him of the days he spent on the stage.

In the fall of 1860, Abraham Lincoln received a letter from 11-year-old Grace Bedell, who told him that growing a beard was the only way he would win the election and become the president of the United States. “Your face is so thin,” she wrote. Lincoln followed her advice, and it worked. Because of his iconic whiskers, we’re sure he’d love our Leatherette Shave Kit (Item ##NZFMJ-GXYDN) to help keep his beard neat and trim.

ACT_ClintonIn addition to serving as our 42nd president, Bill Clinton is also a talented musician. In high school, he was in the chorus and played the tenor saxophone. He even considered dedicating his life to music instead of politics, but in the end the call to public service was stronger. He’d definitely keep a set of our Ear Buds in Case (Item #HTBIJ-JJZHJ) on hand at all times, so he could listen to music while reviewing reports and writing speeches.

What do you think? Did we match the right promotional product with each president? Head to our Facebook page and let us know your top picks!

Pack a Punch with these Patriotic Promotional Products

Every year we look forward to the summer months, and not just for the usual reasons. Sure we love the beach, family vacations, backyard barbecues, and the slower pace of long, light-filled days. But we also love the trio of holidays that let us to remember, honor, and most importantly celebrate the storied past and brave legacy of the good ole USA. Between Memorial Day, Flag Day, and the Fourth of July, there are many opportunities to share your pride. And with the following list of fun and unique patriotic promotional products, it’ll be easy to show your stars and stripes.

ACT CoinsStock Franklin & Liberty Chocolate Coins

Some people claim apple pie is the ultimate American dessert. We’d like to offer these delicious and fun chocolates as competitors for that honor. Featuring a replica of the Ben Franklin/Liberty Bell half-dollar, minted from 1948-1963, it’s a gift that recalls the richness of American Heritage, and while delighting chocolate lovers everywhere. Unwrap one today, and see for yourself!

4” USA Pinwheel

Chances are at some point this summer you’ll find yourself at a parade. When you’re watching the floats drive by, listening to the marching band, and cheering for the baton twirlers, it’s easy to get caught up in the moment and wish you were a part of the action instead of standing on the sidelines. With this charming pinwheel, you can do just that! It’s bright, patriotic colors will delight children as well as the young at heart, and even the slightest breeze will send it spinning. Order one now and give it a whirl!

ACT Statue of LibertyStatue of Liberty Stress Reliever

“Give me your tired, your poor, your stressed out volunteers and employees in need of relief…” Okay, so maybe that’s not exactly how it goes, but it’s close enough. Plus, it’s true – every good organization is bound to cause some stress, especially for those members who work hardest and care the most. And what better way to reward those people than with a Statue of Liberty stress reliever? Whenever you’re feeling overwhelmed, whether it’s about expense reports, charity events, or the latest local election, give Lady Liberty a squeeze. You’ll be feeling better in no time!

Prang American Crayons

Why should the adults have all the fun? Get the kids in on the patriotic action with a red, white, and blue box of four crayons. Non-toxic and made from soybean oil, they’re a safe, fun way to encourage creativity and self-expression, two quintessential American qualities. With the help of these crayons, you might just discover our country’s next great artist.

Whether you prefer to show your patriotic pride wearing it, holding it, drawing it, or squeezing it, we’ve got the promotional products for you. Check out our catalog now, before the holidays are here!

Promotional Products with Flower Power!

After a long, cold winter, warmer weather is finally here, and with it nature’s bright bouquets that signal spring’s arrival. Spring also brings a slew of holidays, kicking things off with one of our favorite flower power affairs: Mother’s Day!

Flowers are one of the most beloved and traditional Mother’s Day gifts – in fact, 70% of all mothers will receive flowers as a gift this May 11th, and consumers will spend a total of 1.9 billion dollars on pretty arrangements. While a bouquet of tulips, a handful of daisies, or a pocket full of posies makes a beautiful and thoughtful gift for mom, flowers are also a great way to show your appreciation to any of the many important people in your life, such as volunteers and employees. At A Creative Touch, we have a number of floral-themed promotional products that will remain useful and beautiful long after those vases of flowers have begun to wilt.

ACT Dancing FlowersDancing Solar-Powered Flowers

Your employees and volunteers spend long hours at their desks, working week after week to make your organization better. Why not bring a little bit of the outdoors inside with these adorable dancing flowers? Powered by sunshine, these cheeky sprouts will delight office workers everywhere as they gently sway in their colorful pots.

 Jumbo Silk Flower Lei Assortment (12 Pack)

You’d love to give your mother the ultimate gift – a trip to Hawaii, where she could relax, renew, and recharge on the sandy shores of paradise. Unfortunately, paradise isn’t exactly in your budget. Instead, why not bring a little Hawaii home? Get her beach-worthy toes with a gift certificate for a pedicure, brew a pot of delicious Kona coffee, and drape one of these fun and colorful silk leis around her neck. She’ll be dancing the hula in no time!

Flower Pot Plant-a-Shape Bookmark

ACT Flower PenThere’s nothing more relaxing than curling up with a cup of tea and a good book. Honor this time worn tradition—along with your volunteers, employees, and loved ones—with a beautifully designed bookmark. And when you’ve finished the book, you can keep enjoying this unique bookmark by planting it in your garden! It comes embedded with seeds, and will grow a variety of wildflowers you can enjoy all season long.

Flower Bend-a-Pen

This pen is sure to bring a smile to anyone’s face.  It’s a great for a mother writing a grocery list, an employee checking in volunteers for a big event, or a fun-loving CEO headed to her next meeting, . With its bendable body and arms, and feet that double as a stand and cap, it’s a master at multitasking.

Whether you’re celebrating mom or thanking the many employees and volunteers that have helped nurture your organization, these floral themed products are a great way to say thanks and put a little “spring” in their steps!

Golden Girls Love SWAG

act-bingo-dauberDo you miss the “Golden” era of television?  It might be time for a Golden Girls inspired viewing party! They’re all the rage now that the show is available in re-runs and on DVD.  Golden Girls was famous for its sassy wisecracks and the loving rivalry between its four stars. Whether you’re a Dorothy, a Sophia, a Rose, or a Blanche, you can host a fabulous party or event themed around this zany series. Just remember to bring the cheesecake!

Some people even throw Golden Girls birthday parties, so if your friends or volunteers have a milestone birthday in 2013, we have the perfect decorations and promotional products for you.  Why not decorate with images of the show’s stars, pick Florida-inspired décor, serve cheesecake, and send invites with selections from their hilarious lines, like this one?

Rose: “Once I read your diary.”

Blanche: “You did WHAT?!”

Rose: “Well, it was an accident, you left it open on the kitchen table. I was twenty pages in before I realized it wasn’t a Sidney Sheldon novel.”

Channel your inner Golden Girl with these nifty promotional products, which make for funny Golden Girls gifts. They’re ideal for giveaways and expo gifts, too!  Our bingo dobber (above), available in bright colors like blue, green, purple and red, contains 3 oz. of genuine Dabo ink. It’s great for party games, and for any Golden Girls themed party, a bingo game is a must. You’ll be ready to call ‘bingo!’ in no time with this customizable promotional product.

act-gripperNeed a little help opening those pill bottles? If you were Blanche, you’d probably want a man to do it, but the rest of us can use a handy plastic gripper. Available in more than a dozen shades, this plastic has a nice, soft feel. You’ll never struggle to open a bottle with this promotional product. Like many of our items, it can be customized with your logo and is small enough to fit inside a gift bag.
Are your guests a little nearsighted, like Sophia? Do you remember the episode where Sophia lost her glasses?  Pick up some of our handy magnifiers as a useful little promotional product that easily fits in a wallet slot. Even if their vision is 20/20, these also do double duty as book lights.  And, they can be imprinted with your company’s logo.

At A Creative Touch we can help you find everything you need for “golden girls” and “golden guys”. Phone us today-910.452.4788-but remember to wear your glasses!

Back to School with ACT

Back to schoolIt’s that time of year again.  Summer is over and kids are headed back to school while parents are breathing a sigh of relief.

Although I’m no longer a student and I don’t have any children, I still think there is something exciting about the stacks of clean notebooks and sharpened crayons lining the store aisles.  Have you noticed that many large, big box retailers are offering printed Back to School Shopping Lists for customers inside the entrance of their stores?  I couldn’t resist picking up one of those lists and checking it out.  I immediately noticed that if you did your shopping with A Creative Touch, you could get customized, personalized versions of every essential back to school item!

We offer pens, pencils, calculators, markers, highlighters, erasers, rulers, lunch bags, binders, folders, pencil boxes, water bottles, tape dispensers, duffel bags, backpacks, totes, rulers, USB flash drives, lanyards, computer accessories, laptop cases, cell phone holders, sweatshirts, t-shirts,  laundry bags, footballs, basketballs, cheering accessories, calendars, and so much more!

Best of all, at  A Creative Touch, we promise we’ll never call from school to tell you your child is misbehaving.  If you’re a parent, and that happens to you, you can always take a cue from Little Johnny’s mother:

Summer vacation was over and Little Johnny returned back to school.  Only two days later his teacher phoned his mother to tell her that he was misbehaving.  “Wait a minute,” replied his mom. “I had Johnny with me for three months and I never called you once when he misbehaved!”

What Exactly is SWAG?

act-pirate-lootHave you ever heard of swag?   As a promotional products expert, I’ve been familiar with swag (or SWAG) for a long time.  In fact, you could say that I’m in the business of SWAG. 

But if you’re like most people, you might be wondering, “What exactly is swag?”  There are a few definitions for swag, but in my world, swag is:

Any corporate or branded merchandise given away for free in order to promote the company or brand….Etymology of this term most likely stems from the middle-English use of the word ‘swag’  in pirate circles or other criminal circles as a euphamism for loot or plunder.

Some people view SWAG as an acronym (thus all capital letters), but there is debate  as to what SWAG actually stands for.  Here are some of my favorite interpretations:

SWAG=Souvenirs, Wearables And Gifts
SWAG=Stuff We All Get
SWAG=Sealed with A Gift
SWAG=Stuff We Acquired Gratis

How do you use SWAG in a sentence?  Here’s an example:  “I went to the trade show and scored a ton of great SWAG.  Check out these t-shirts, coffee mugs, bumper stickers, and stress balls!”

I think it’s interesting to note that there is another definition of “swag”, which is short for “swagger”:

The way in which you carry yourself. Swag is made up of your overall confidence, style, and demeanor. Swag can also be expanded to refer to the one’s overall reputation. You gain swag, or “swag up”, by performing swag-worthy actions that improve this perception.

So, tell me….how’s your corporate swag?  Need some help “swagging up” at your next trade show, expo or conference?  Then, give me a call!  I’d be happy to help with some creative ideas to give you the kind of SWAG people rave about.

A Decade of Deadlines

act-10-yearsHappy Anniversary to us!  

It was the day after Veteran’s Day, ten years ago, that A Creative Touch promotional products company was launched.  To read the story of how Veteran’s Day inspired our Grand Opening, click here.

Since that fateful day, we’ve helped hundreds of customers all across the country with creative solutions to their promotional product needs.  Our goal has always been to provide creative, effective, targeted marketing solutions on time, every time.  In fact, we take pride in never missing a deadline.  Up until yesterday, our tagline and the signature on every email we send read:

IN OVER 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 YEARS – WE’VE


We’re proud to announce that our tagline is changing.  After thousands of orders and a decade of outstanding customer service, our track record is still perfect:



If you’re already a customer with A Creative Touch, let us take this opportunity to thank you for your support and your continued trust in us over the past ten years.  If you’re not an A Creative Touch customer, we encourage you to give us an opportunity to show you why we’re celebrating a solid decade of meeting deadlines and exceeding our clients’ expectations.  To read from some of our happy customers, visit our Testimonial Page.

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