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A Heartwarming Story About Promotional Products

A Creative Touch Brings Warmth and a Pastor Brings “Sunshine,” Creating a Heartwarming Story in the Midst of the Atlanta Snow Jam

If you watch the news or read the papers, you know about the thousands of motorists in Atlanta, GA who were stranded during this winter’s “Snow Jam.” But what you don’t know is that a promotional product from A Creative Touch and a generous pastor “saved the day” for one thankful veteran:

act-blanket-captionOn the afternoon of January 28, 2014, Jacqueline Anderson, a 22-year Army veteran and a volunteer for an A Creative Touch client, joined the thousands of other motorists trying to get home before the storm settled in. In addition to typical traffic congestion, icy conditions were causing widespread accidents that further exacerbated the problem. Jacqueline made it as far as the Atlanta suburb of Smyrna before her plans for the evening abruptly changed. As she crested a hill and began the icy decent, she discovered to her dismay that she was headed directly into a car pileup. Unable to gain the traction necessary to steer clear of the accident, Jacqueline’s car became the fourth automobile to slide into an abandoned SUV at the bottom of the hill.

Thankfully uninjured, Jacqueline had the presence of mind to gather some items from her car before joining the growing throng of stranded motorists seeking shelter from the storm. Pastor Brian Downing, a young man in a young church, invited all who had “stuck cars” in the vicinity to come to his church, the Oakdale Church of God. Jacqueline and approximately 100 others gladly accepted his invitation.

As the storm raged outside, Pastor Downing and his wife sprang into action. They played family movies to help entertain people; hastily put together a dinner consisting of pizza, salad, and spaghetti; and even invited a young mother with an infant into their home so she and the baby would be more comfortable. Everyone else spread out either on the church floor or on pews when it was time to retire for the evening.

act-blanket-caption-2It was at this point that Jacqueline was thankful that she had thought to retrieve her A Creative Touch double-sided, gray-and-blue fleece blanket from the trunk of her car that afternoon. “It was so warm and snuggly! And everyone kept complimenting me on it,” said Jacqueline. And to think that after having stored it in her trunk for two years, she had almost taken it out a few weeks before the storm hit!

In the morning, Pastor Downing and his wife rose early to prepare and serve bacon and eggs for breakfast as everyone continued to get to know each other. What Jacqueline and the others initially perceived simply as a source of shelter had expanded into something much bigger. “There were people there of all ages, and all ethnicities from all walks of life; by the end we were all friends!” she exclaims. Indeed, she and one of her new friends have already scheduled to have lunch together this Friday, and the entire group is planning a reunion at the church next year.

Jacqueline stayed until about 2:30 pm on the 29th. Although her vehicle had sustained damage to its passenger side, it was drivable and she arrived home safely. The following week, she returned to Oakdale Church of God with paper towels, toilet tissue, trash bags, and water to replenish the church’s supplies. “I was so grateful to have a bathroom and a warm place to stay,” she says. “I view the entire experience as a blessing!”

A Creative Touch is not only proud that one of our products helped Jacqueline weather the storm, but grateful for people like Pastor Downing who cared for one of our veterans and a part of the A Creative Touch extended family. To show our appreciation, we’ll be sending a donation (and a few promotional products!) to the Oakdale Church in Smyrna.

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