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The Long Life of Promotional Products

Masses of CandlesAs an industry expert, I know all about the long life of promotional products, but when I stumbled across this New York Times article, The Surprising Power of Promotional Products, I was delighted to read the author’s account of a very unique promotional product that made it 40+ years without ever seeing a trash bin.

When I was growing up, my grandma Ruby used to tell me, “The best things in life are free.” The older I get, the more I realize how right she was – and how this simple saying is just as powerful when applied to business practices. Giving something away is one of the best ways to advertise your organization or business, and not just because people like free things. It’s because the long life of promotional products ensures that your message will stay with your audience for weeks, months, and even years to come!

Use Them or Lose Them
Countless studies have found that the #1 reason people keep promotional products is because they use them. Whether it’s a pen for jotting down their grocery list, a paperweight that sits on their desk, or a cooler they carry to the beach, these products prove an important point – that your business, organization, or company provides a useful service that will make their lives easier, just like that pencil or cooler!

In other words, use promotional products to advertise your business or lose out on a valuable way to make your organization a great part of your customer’s lives; the choice is yours!

Make the Right Impression
Not only will the right promotional product make your customers feel more positive about your organization, it will also promote your organization on your behalf.
When customers, prospects, employees or volunteers take that tote bag to the library or the grocery store, other people will see it. When they wear that t-shirt to the YMCA, their workout buddies will notice. For some truly impressive stats, check out the average number of times the following promotional products are seen in just one month:

• Bags: 1,078 impressions
• Caps and hats: 443 impressions
• Writing instruments: 437 impressions
• Shirts: 344 impressions
• Calendars: 344 impressions
• Electronics: 278 impressions

Portrait of George WashingtonA Long History, A Bright Future
Promotional products in the USA have a long history. In fact, the very first promotional product is credited to none other than George Washington. During the 1789 election, he had commemorative buttons made and handed them out to voters. After he won the presidency, promotional items like almanacs and calendars slowly began to appear.

Today, we still offer buttons, almanacs, and calendars, but the world of promotional products has grown in ways that George Washington could have never imagined. From cell phone charger kits to power banks to flash drives to smart phone wallets, there is truly something for everyone. (As George would say, “I cannot tell a lie!) What you choose to use to spread your name is up to you, but don’t worry- our team at A Creative Touch will help you select the best product for your needs from our catalog of more than 850,000 items.

In the New York Times article referenced above, author MP Mueller cites an example of veterans groups see an increase in donations thanks to promotional products:

A well-known veterans’ nonprofit group, the Disabled American Veterans, is a case in point. When the group sends a mailing for contributions, Dr. Cialdini said, it gets an 18-percent response rate. When the same letter is sent with personalized address labels, which cost about eight cents, the response rate goes up to 35 percent. “For the cost of the address labels they get almost a doubling of return,” he said. “It’s very powerful rule and very small things can trigger it.”

40 years of longevity for one promotional product? 35 percent increase in contributions? 1078 impressions per month for a $3.00 tote bag? Those are healthy statistics that explain the power and the longevity of promotional products, and why they are the best way to spend your advertising dollars!


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