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Promotional Product Nightmares

act-grim-reaperWe’ve all shivered, screamed, and hidden our eyes at scary Halloween movies, but promoting your business or organization shouldn’t be a scary.  What if your promotional product company turns out to be a real-life Halloween horror story?  Beware of ghosts, ghouls, and goblins out for your promotional gold! There are countless stories of promotional products gone awry, so you need to consider these spooktacularly bad scenarios before you place an order:

“Ghostly” Orders: There’s nothing worse than receiving a promotional product after you need it for a trade show or special event. Or never receiving it at all! You don’t want to be the empty house that everyone avoids….while your promotional products go bump in the night. Don’t fall prey to a company that will leave you hanging like out-of-season decorations at your next tradeshow or expo.  As for A Creative Touch, we’ve been in business for more than a decade, and we’ve never missed a deadline!

Terrifying Typos: Customization problems with products are an avoidable, but all-too-common error. The famous blog Cake Wrecks, for example, is devoted to bakery nightmares that will make you want to hum the “Monster Mash.” Errors like those can make your promotional products as scary as Frankenstein!  You can count on us to check, double check, and triple check your order.

Night of the Living Dead: You’ve received a stack of promotional products with frightening errors. Or you’re still waiting…so, you call the company and the line rings and rings. Is anyone home? Or will you be stuck with zombie-like customer service?  At A Creative Touch, you always speak to one of our team members, live and in real time!

Transylvania Style: There’s nothing worse than out-of-date merchandise that looks like it came from the last century. Beware of commercial retailers whose style and product advice is more Count Dracula than cutting edge, lest your promotional products end up in the graveyard.  We attend subscribe to multiple publications and personally attend several industry events per year and stay on top of promotional product trends.

To be safe from the undead, call us at A Creative Touch to help you with your promotional product needs! Don’t risk turning your dreams of success into a Nightmare on Elm Street.

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