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Find Fun At Work This Month

act-chattering-teethDid you know that today, January 28th,  is “National Fun at Work” Day? This holiday is a fantastic opportunity to have some fun with promotional products!  But even if you missed out on this very important ‘holiday’,  truth is, your clients and volunteers will love these silly products anytime of year!  Here are just a few selections from our database of over 500 toys, many of which can be inscribed with your corporate logo or a special message:

Have hilarious workplace fun with our Wind-up Chomping Teeth Toy! This toy jaw with chomping teeth and googly eyes can be powered by winding up the knob. We have many other wind-up toys for you to choose from at A Creative Touch, too. Wind up footballs, tennis balls, apples, and other cute toys. They’ll wind up your offices’ atmosphere in no time!

act-dancing-flowerNeed a little flower power? Choose our Solar-powered Dancing Flower to brighten up everyone’s day! In several color combinations, it can be customized with your company’s logo on the flower’s base. Using only sunshine power, it will dance for you!

How about some bubbles? With our safe, non-toxic bubble blends, you can create your own fun label. Every workplace needs some bubbly adventure, right?

Feeling a little nostalgic for the toys of your childhood? Have some retro fun with our Nutty Putty and Spring Things! Unlike Silly Putty and Slinkies, these classic-style toys can be customized with your company’s logo!

Looking for ways to have more fun with your promotional products? Celebrate Fun Day with a little sundae! Throw an ice cream party, for example, to reward your volunteers for their hard work all year long. National Fun Day is the perfect opportunity to get in touch with your inner child with games and candy. Whatever your promotional product needs, contact us at A Creative Touch to make January 28th (and every work day) as fun as possible!

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