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Puppy-Inspired Promotional Products

America loves puppies!  With 46 million dog owners, pet products are a great promotional products idea.  At A Creative Touch, we have hundreds of fun, customizable pet products in a range of styles and colors.  Give your clients, employees or volunteers one of these great items for their pampered pooches, and they’ll be sure to howl with delight:

act-pet-collar-led1. LED Collars: As Dorothy once said, there’s no place like home!  Ensure that your Toto doesn’t get lost with these cheerful LED collars! Choose from several Technicolor shades that light up with the touch of button and can be customized with a company logo. Combined with a fun puppy-themed print, these collars with keep your pet on the Yellow Brick Road to home.

act-scoop-it-bowl2. The Scoop-It Bowl: The contemporary style and utility of our Scoop-It bowl is perfect for your next trip to see the Wizard. Ideal for small dogs and cats, this Scoop-It Bowl is perfect for pet travel, performing double duty as both a food bowl and a scoop.  Made of a light, shatterproof material, it is available in a wide variety of  colors.

act-pet-bed3. The Snuggle Pet Bed: This luxe bed is perfect for small dogs who like to sleep in total comfort. Designed as a cozy nook for your pet, the base and top are lined in a soft, snuggly material. With it’s whimsical, rainbow design, it looks like it came straight of Munckinland!  And this pet bed is lightweight, so you can take it with you anywhere. Your Toto will want to ditch that old basket forever!

act-pet-dog-tag4. Modern Aluminum ID Tag: Pair these contemporary anodized aluminum ID tags with our LED collar for stylish pet security and peace of mind. Unlike traditional pet ID tags, these have a sleek modern shape and are available in an array of sophisticated colors like copper, purple, and silver. They can be inscribed with your pet’s name, your address, or phone number, up to 500 characters.

act-pet-stuffing-free-dog-toy5. Crazy Critters: These stuffing free toys are perfect for pet owners tired of indoor “snow.” No more toy stuffing strung all over your living room!

Let A Creative Touch help you find pet toys and fun products that are sure to send your dog over the rainbow!

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