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Rudolph the Red-Billed

We’ve all heard the story of Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer, who helped Santa save Christmas one year. But you may have missed the story of that other Rudolph from the North Pole, Rudolph the Reinduck!

Our Rudolph is a jolly little fellow–with a shiny red beak–who helps Santa with duck-friendly presents that are a little too damp for Santa and his reindeer. It’s Rudolph the Red-Billed Reinduck’s job assist the elves with waterskis, rain boots, and any other holiday matters that require a little splash!

Here in coastal Wilmington, NC, Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reinduck also assists with our annual Holiday Flotilla, helping decorate boats with millions of glittery twinkle lights and displays. So, if your organization or company wants to make its own splash this holiday season, choose some of our Rudolphs to give away your next holiday event:

act-rubber-duck-rudolphHere are some of  Rudolph’s pals all decked out in their favorite winter scarves! Christmas rubber ducky promotional products are a fabulous choice for your next fundraiser, especially if you want to host a holiday-themed rubber duck race. It’s a great way to make that next event fun for the whole family.

 If you haven’t been to a rubber ducky regatta, they are the highlight of many events! Rudolph tells me that many duck races, derbies, and regattas benefit local charities this season, so you could request a donation from your event’s attendees who would like Rudolph or one of his many ducky cousins to race on theiract-jingle-duck behalf, for your organization. You could even organize a duck derby with multiple local organizations to add to the festivities. Rudolph will be happy to volunteer!

We also have rubber duck Rudolphs accessorized with holiday bells and Santa hats! All Rudolph rubber ducks can be customized with your organization’s logo.  Call us here at A Creative Touch and we will be happy to assist you with your next holiday fundraiser or event.

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