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6 Reasons Promotional Products are the Best Way to Advertise

It should be obvious by that we’re passionate about promotional products. Not only do we sell and design some of the most creative products in the business, we also use them every day, whether we’re toting them in our purse, sliding them into our glove compartments, staying cool in the summer, or celebrating our favorite patriotic holidays. While you probably agree that promotional products are pretty nifty (you are reading our blog, after all!) here are six more reasons that prove promotional products are the best choice when it comes to advertising your organization or business.

3d figuresKeep in touch!

Most purses and wallets are full of extra padding in the form of receipts, loose change, scraps of paper. How can you expect your business card to stand out in that kind of mess? You can’t, which is why the right promotional product – like a Teddy Bear Key Ring (Item #BSKGD-IUDXT) – will catch a potential customer’s eye long before a card or brochure.

Reason 2Brand loyalty.

Everyone likes free stuff. You know what else they like? The people handing out the free stuff. Hand them a totally free token, tchotchke, or trinket that’s useful and creative, and they’ll forever associate you with the good feelings that freebies bring.

3rd ReasonGoodbye, Middle Man.

When you hand someone a promotional product, you’re putting your advertisement directly in their hands. You don’t have to worry if they’ll notice your billboard on the side of the road, or if they’ll sit through a commercial break long enough to see your ad. That face-to-face contact, along with a physical reminder of who you and what you do, is priceless.

The product that keeps on promoting.

If you put an ad on the radio, you’ll have someone’s attention for 30 seconds, if you’re lucky. If you give them a promotional product they’ll use every day – such as our Original Fabric Mouse Pad (Item #UWJFJ-BGTXP) – they’ll see if Monday through Friday, from 9AM to 5PM, as it sits on their desk and helps them accomplish their daily tasks. What could be better than that?

ACT 5Generosity.

People pay a lot of attention to personality and perception. If they perceive your organization as a kind and giving one, thanks to the promotional products you generously hand out at events and as incentives, they’ll naturally want to support you. A fun and creative item gives them a reason to choose your business or organization over the others.

ACT 6The price is right.

Everyone has a budget, and we have promotional products to fit yours, no matter what it is. Search our catalog now, and find the product that’s perfect for you!

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