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‘Tis the Season for Promotional Product Companies Year ‘Round!

ACT Xmas WrapIt’s officially the holiday season, which means everyone is getting into the gift-giving spirit. Everyone, that is, except the team at A Creative Touch. It’s not because we’re a bunch of Scrooges. It’s because we’re in the gift-giving spirit all year! And because we love gifts so much, our favorites are the ones that can be used year round, rather than being limited to a few seasonal weeks here and there.

Because we love striking this balance, we’ve got a number of promotional products in our A Creative Touch catalog that are prefect for wrapping and placing under the tree, but won’t be put away once the ornaments are packed, the twinkly lights are taken down, and the tree is out on the curb. Not only that, they’re a great way to show your appreciation for all the important people in your life, whether they’re clients, vendors, prospects, employees, volunteers, or family members.

This year, we’ve decided to create a list of these fun and useful items to make your holiday shopping a little easier. Consider it our gift to you.

Calendars For the New Year:  The average person looks at a calendar between three and six times a day. Three times a day, for 365 days a year, means they’ll see your message a total of 1,095 times between January and December. If you spend $3.00 on each calendar, the CPI (cost per impression) comes down to very festive .002 cents. Not even Santa’s elves can build a gift that effective!

Mugs for Cider, Cocoa, and Christmas Morning Coffee:  A mug is a great gift that can be used immediately, especially on mornings when the family is gathered around for a holiday brunch. It can also be used every morning you drink coffee! It’s not surprising, then, that a recent study found the message on a coffee cup will be seen as often as 10 times per day—especially if they travel to the office. I’ll toast to that!

Branded Journals and Planners:  The holiday season is a great time for people to reflect on what they have, while also planning for the coming year. A sturdy notebook has never been more useful, whether it’s used as a gratitude journal or as a place to jot down New Year’s resolutions. A daily planner is another obvious and valuable choice—what better way to keep track of appointments, plans, and everyday to-dos? (And what better place to put your message!)

Tote Bags Full of Treats:  Food is a traditional gift, enjoyed by and appropriate for nearly every holiday, regardless of religion. The problem with a food gift is that once it’s consumed, that’s it—it’s gone, and so is your message! If you’d like to give consumables as a gift, such as a bottle of wine or a delicious fruitcake, deliver these items in a customized tote bag. Not only will they provide eco-friendly wrapping, they can be reused for years and serve as a constant reminder of your excellent gift-giving skills.

All-Weather Apparel:  While a winter hat or a pair of flip-flops might have a limited window of use, there are plenty of clothing items that can be worn throughout the year. T-shirts are great for wearing to the gym, even in the middle of winter, baseball caps are prefect for shading eyes from the sun, which shines year round, and a light jacket can be worn in countless situations. Save these gifts for your most treasured friends, family members, and business associates, and you can be sure they’ll wear them with pride.

We hope that this list helps get you into the gift-giving spirit, and keeps you there all year long. In the meantime, tell us: what’s on your wish list this season?

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