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Valentines for Veterans

Army Man with Pink CarnationsValentine’s Day is a great time for veterans’ organizations to honor the men and women who have served our country.  At a loss for how to commemorate this typically “couple” centered activity in your organization’s efforts? I have some great ideas!

While you may not be able to bring in big movie stars and singers to entertain like Bob Hope did on his worldwide USO tours, you can certainly send your veterans their own valentines! Why not send paper valentines through the “Valentines for Veterans” program? This wonderful program allows you to send a valentine to veteran that is homemade or purchased (we can help you order Valentine cards!), so the sky is the limit in terms of creativity and personalization.  The program’s only recommendation is that the cards be sturdy and not include easily breakable materials.

For events and other programming, why not think about Hollywood “valentines” to veterans? With the Academy Awards approaching, it’s a great time to screen award-winning films about the veteran experience. Looking for a recent movie? What about recent WWII-set films like Saving Private Ryan or The Thin Red Line? Or opt for classic films like The Great Escape, The Bridge on the River Kwai, and Patton. More romantic award winners that have wartime themes, like Casablanca, From Here to Eternity, or The Best Years of Our Lives, are also excellent choices for any Valentines for Veterans themed events. Many older veterans will fondly remember comedies like Cary Grant’s I Was A Male War Bride and all-star productions like Star-Spangled Rhythm and Stage Door Canteen.

Whatever you chose, you can make Valentine’s Day a wonderful holiday for Veterans, whether you send cards, screen films, or organize other events. Call us at A Creative Touch for help with customizable valentines this year!

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