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Posts tagged: Island Theme

Volunteer Recognition Idea #9

Have fabulous volunteers? Struggling to find fun, yet affordable ways to reward them for their service to your organization? Find inspiration in our weekly T.G.I.F. idea. Each Friday, we will highlight creative ideas for a Theme, Gift, Invitation, and Food plan that make for a perfect volunteer recognition event. Let A Creative Touch inspire your creativity with promotional product ideas that show appreciation to your volunteers.

act-tropical-sunglassesT. = Theme:  Our Volunteers Shore Are Great!

G. = Gifts: Show your volunteers you think they are the real treasures with this tropical island theme! To capture the island atmosphere, choose a beach mat, a hurricane glass perfect for daiquiris and other tropical drinks, or a pair of these colorful retro sunglasses, customizable with your imprint on the lenses–a hot new trend for 2013!

I. = Invites/Décor: Present your guests with an island themed party to show your appreciation for their efforts.  Invite your volunteers to escape to this relaxing island event by sending invitations in the shape of treasure maps. X marks the spot of your fabulous party! Choose bright island inspired colors for your venue decorations: teal blues, sunset reds, tropical greens and sunny yellows are festive, especially when accompanied by lots of twinkle lights or mock tropical torches. Have a “green” thumb? Decorate with silk or paper versions of tropical blooms, like hibiscus?

F. = Food/Refreshments: Want an island menu? Choose foods that say “tropical paradise” to match your decorations.  Fruits like pineapple and coconut are great choices to incorporate into your food and drink selections. From that umbrella in your coconut drinks to tropical kabobs like Polynesian pineapple and chicken, you guests will feel like they’re on vacation in paradise!

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