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A Day in the Life of Promotional Products with Polly Promo

Promotional products are more than an excuse to get your business’s name and logo into the hands of your customers. They’re also an integral part of our everyday lives. From our morning cup of Joe to a day at the office to unwinding after work, the right promotional product can make someone’s life more organized, more inspired, and more FUN.

Today we’re going to follow our friend Polly Promo as she goes through a typical Tuesday, paying special attention to how some of our favorite promotional products help her through her day. Let’s get started!

ACT_mugRise and shine! Like most of us, Polly starts her day with a cup of coffee – two sugars and a drop of cream, sipped while sitting on her back porch. Her favorite coffee cup is her chalk mug (Item #PUBNI-JNIMQ), and each morning she circles the face that best fits her mood. Today, she’s all smiles.

Morning commute. Polly works in an office downtown. Before she heads out the door, she slides her laptop into a protective neoprene sleeve (Item #RADIG-JKEAI) to keep it safe on her journey. When she arrives at her desk a half an hour later, her laptop looks as good as Polly feels.

Lunch. Polly decides to go out to lunch with some of her co-workers. They’ve been working on a big project and everyone needs a break. At the restaurant they joke and laugh, and Polly is glad to be a part of such a fun team. After lunch she pops into the bathroom to freshen up before heading back to her desk. Her Clearly Pink Cosmetic Purse (Item #AYDJJ-GUOPT) makes it easy to reapply her lipstick and put an extra bobby pin in her hair.

ACT_gymDaily exercise. After work Polly heads straight for the gym – she knows if she goes home first, she’ll never get off the couch. Luckily she packed her workout clothes in her handy duffle bag (Item #OVEJH-IWUNJ) before leaving the house. After thirty minutes on the elliptical while flipping through the latest issue of People magazine, she feels recharged and ready to relax.

Dinner and drinks. While a casserole bakes in the oven, Polly pours herself a glass of Pinot Noir in a chic stemless glass (Item #QTEJG-GHTXQ). She tells her friends that she drinks a nightly glass of red wine for the health benefits, but deep down she knows it’s her reward at the end of a long day. She’s earned it!

Time for bed. Polly crawls into bed and turns off her light. She isn’t ready to sleep, so she opens the novel she’s reading and clips on her book light (Item #XXELJ-ITVOR). The white LED light illuminates the page perfectly, and Polly loses herself in the story until she feels herself drifting off. As she shuts off her light and closes her eyes, she feels grateful for a peaceful and productive life, made easier by the many promotional products that help her get through each day.

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