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Promotional Products for Past Presidents

You can tell a lot about people by what kind of promotional products they use. Are they drawn to wine glasses, or weekly planners? Are they more likely to use a beach towel, or a laptop bag? Today, we’re going to play a fun game, and imagine what promotional products some of our favorite past Presidents would choose.

ACT_KennedyOur youngest president, John F. Kennedy, was a great lover of literature, known for his elaborate anecdotes and rambling stories. He also liked to read poetry and prose, and some of his favorite authors included Winston Churchill and Ian Fleming, who wrote the James Bond novels. Kennedy would probably love to channel Bond with the help of our Three Piece Martini Set (Item # CYHIC-HNJJO ) – shaken, not stirred!

Our first President, George Washington was known for his bravery in battle and his honesty – “I cannot tell a lie,” he said, and the country believed him. A less known fact about this great man is that he loved dogs – he bred them, treated them like members of the family, and gave them unusual names, like Tarter, True Love, and Sweet Lips. A dog-lover like Washington would enjoy giving treats to his furry friends.  Our Gold Rimmed Box with Dog Bones (Item #YBKLB-ICOTD) would make a great reward for not just for a First Dog, but for any pampered pooch.

ACT_ReaganBefore he was president, Ronald Reagan had a successful career as a film and television star. His favorite acting role was as a double amputee in 1942’s Kings Row, in which he recites the line, “Where’s the rest of me?”, later used as the title of his 1965 autobiography. We’re sure Reagan would love our 4×6 Curved Filmstrip Frame (Item #AVEJF-IQNUN) for the Oval Office, to remind him of the days he spent on the stage.

In the fall of 1860, Abraham Lincoln received a letter from 11-year-old Grace Bedell, who told him that growing a beard was the only way he would win the election and become the president of the United States. “Your face is so thin,” she wrote. Lincoln followed her advice, and it worked. Because of his iconic whiskers, we’re sure he’d love our Leatherette Shave Kit (Item ##NZFMJ-GXYDN) to help keep his beard neat and trim.

ACT_ClintonIn addition to serving as our 42nd president, Bill Clinton is also a talented musician. In high school, he was in the chorus and played the tenor saxophone. He even considered dedicating his life to music instead of politics, but in the end the call to public service was stronger. He’d definitely keep a set of our Ear Buds in Case (Item #HTBIJ-JJZHJ) on hand at all times, so he could listen to music while reviewing reports and writing speeches.

What do you think? Did we match the right promotional product with each president? Head to our Facebook page and let us know your top picks!

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