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Volunteer Recognition Idea #12

Have fabulous volunteers? Struggling to find fun, yet affordable ways to reward them for their service to your organization? Find inspiration in our weekly T.G.I.F. idea. Each Friday, we will highlight creative ideas for a Theme, Gift, Invitation, and Food plan that make for a perfect volunteer recognition event.  Let A Creative Touch inspire your creativity with promotional product ideas that show appreciation to your volunteers!


T.=Theme:  Hooray for Hollywood and Our Volunteers!

G.=Gifts: Give the gift of movie fun! A 3.5 ounce bag of fluffy, buttery gourmet microwave popcorn, custom designed with your own organizational logo in up to four spot colors. Perfect for open houses, trade shows, fund raising and more!

I.=Invites/Décor: Roll out the red carpet for your volunteers with a classic Hollywood party! Make invitations that look like old-fashioned movie tickets.  Think of making your venue look like an old-fashioned theater with lobby posters, lights, and a popcorn machines.Use film canisters, film props, and decorate your venue with movie images. Black and white posters from classic movies like Casablanca or images of movie legends like Cary Grant and Grace Kelly are perfect choices.  Have a projector? You can screen films as a great party backdrop. It’s the perfect theme to convey that you think they deserve an Academy Award for their efforts.  You can also create a movie trivia game as an ice-breaker; the volunteer with the most right answers wins a pair of movie tickets!

F.=Food/Refreshments: Popcorn, of course!  Create a popcorn-centered buffet with popcorn in a variety of sweet and savory flavors: everything from the classic butter to caramel and chocolate popcorns. Don’t forget other movie classics like Sugar Babies, Twizzlers and Jujubes.  Want to create a fabulous display cake or tray of cupcakes? Have a bakery custom-make cakes or cupcakes with a film- themed image, like a fondant star on the “Walk of Fame”.  They won’t want to say “Cut!” and end this special party…

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