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Our Team

R. Renée JonesR. Renée Jones, ​MAS+, MASI:
Founder and CEO
(aka Queen of Promotional Products)

With a handsome prince and a great support team in place, Renée is able to focus on what she does best—using her creativity to find unique promotional products at fabulous prices. A leader in her industry, Renée has obtained the highest professional designations of Certified Advertising Specialist (CAS),  MAS (Master Advertising Specialist), MASI (Master of Advertising Specialty Information), and ​MAS+ (Master Advertising Specialist Plus). Less than 3% of people in the promotional products industry have just one of these certifications, and she has them all! Like all real princesses, Renée believes in life's luxuries (like her beloved Louis Vuitton bags). For her clients, Renée's love of luxury translates into impeccable service and exceptionally high standards that will make you feel like royalty!

Doctor RobertDoctor Robert:
Logistical Support
(aka Doctor of Logistics)

A Doctor of Acupuncture with a Master's Degree in Oriental Medicine, when he isn't practicing Oriental Medicine, Doctor Robert works to "pin-point" solutions for A Creative Touch, Incorporated. Every princess needs a prince, and Robert is definitely more prince than frog - he chauffeurs wife Renée to trade shows and works quietly behind the scenes to ensure that his princess always feels happy and supported in the promotional products kingdom she created.

Myra FincannonMyra Fincannon:
Palace Coordinator

A native of Hickory, NC, Myra fled the snow and mountains to experience life as a college student on the Carolina coast. She holds a Bachelors of Arts in Psychology from North Carolina Wesleyan College, and plans to continue her education with a Master’s in Business Administration in the future.

Myra grew up in a large family of women. Her grandmother had three girls, followed by more generations of girls. “Granny has always been the queen bee” Myra says, laughing. It’s clear that Myra has some of her Granny’s spunk and charm. She is a big believer in “Bucket Lists” which might explain her desire to travel. She has her sights set on backpacking across Europe, as well as Africa. A onetime employee of a Blockbuster store, Myra has been known to spend an entire weekend binge watching television series on Netflix. She also enjoys working out, cooking down home Southern cuisine, skydiving (YES! She loves it and has the videos to prove it) and reading, but most days you can find her running around town with her Pitbull puppy Molly, “She completely runs my life” Myra says, smiling.

magic story

I worked with Renée Jones of A Creative Touch from 2002 until my retirement in 2012. During an entire decade of doing business together, Renée and her team consistently provided outstanding customer service. In fact, my last promotional products order was a perfect case in point. When Renée learned that an item I wanted to purchase was discontinued, she sourced similar products. When the manufacturer of my second choice listed their product on backorder, Renée was undeterred. Combing the 850,000-plus products in her inventory, she found a similar item that has already been delivered to my office. I could not be more pleased with the quality and utility of this product. Even with two strikes against us, A Creative Touch, Incorporated managed to deliver a home run!

- JB

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magic story

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